04 June 2008


As requested, here is a look at the house in which I live with my husband's family.

A view from the street.

A view of the neighborhood street past the house.

A view of the dining room from first walking into it from the hallway.

A view of the kitchen from the dining room. Takeshi and Kaasan were looking for something. :D

The backyard/garden.

Our bedroom!

The veerrryy steep stairs that go downstairs from our bedroom.

The tiled area infront of the door, where everyone puts their shoes before entering the house.

This is the room that you're in before the bathing room - washer, sink, and mirror.

The bathing room, with the tub, hose, floor mat, and shampoos, soaps, etc.

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Bunny Ikeda said...

Hi!! Oh my gosh, you live in Suzuka too? Sometimes I feel like I must be the only American living here : 0 We moved here from Fukuoka last year, but I still feel like a newbie.
I was checking out your blog a bit, and it's really great!! It's funny, too, to read about Bel City!!!
Here is my email addy:
Maybe we can grab a coffee or something sometime!