26 April 2010

Almost almost!

We finally are car owners again! We can go out into the world outside of the Lancaster! Hehe. Such a great feeling. After all this time of not being able to be independent in that way - it's almost a euphoric feeling to know that we can drive ourselves somewhere - anywhere!

Tomorrow is the last day of classes! Yaaaaaaay! :D Good god, where did the time go? Senior thesis wrap-up time is for tomorrow during class, but I'll be trying to get as much of it done as I can. I'm only in the mood, at this point, to mostly just come in, and turn it in, and leave (hopefully).

We still need to figure a lot of stuff out after school ends. For one, I'll be interning 4 days a week at 2 places starting on the 30th. And then in the meantime, we will be figuring out jobs, and an apartment in the D.C. Metro area. Exciting stuff.

Will have time to write longer posts after classes and graduation!

16 April 2010

Head Coming Back Together Again

OK well -

Fortunately, I've finally found an internship. Went for an interview today and I know I'm starting on the 30th. At this point I'm not totally whether or not they may be able to give me a full 32 hours a week consistently, but I know I'm working there at least 3 days a week, which may be about 24 hours a week. And at least I'm finally able to start hacking away at my required 200 hours any way! Banzaiiii. :)

I've been living in silence in the apartment since Takeshi left for Chicago! Lol. I definitely wasn't able to throw any huge blow-out parties while the hub was gone. Har har. I have such a non-social life right now. Such is the life of a college student (who works less than she parties).

Speaking of which, I won't be a college student for very much longer!!!! Our last of classes is on the 27th, Senior Gallery Show is on the 1st of May, and Graduation day is on the 8th! It'll be here before we know it.

15 April 2010

Head Explodes

I never thought it would be this hard to find an internship. I hate this puny town. A lot of businesses here have the same kind of 'dickishness' which is not getting back to me at all, to tell me whether I had gotten it or not. So I haven't gotten it? Fine. Just let me know!

I went for another interview a few days ago - come to find out it's pretty much between me and another girl in my class! I don't really like for competition to be that close - as in having to look it in the face every day! Long story short, I felt kind of good about it, but it ended up going to her.

I have another interview tomorrow and another on Monday. I'm waiting to hear back another place as well. Either the end of this week or the end of next week, I'll receive an email, they said. I think I'm competing with about 2-3 other people for that job too. If ALL of these don't end in internship for me, then I have to start looking all over again. Which will not be good. It doesn't help that we don't have a car (yet). I can't search for places that are too far away from the city, or it's going to take hours to get to a possible internship and back everyday. Hopefully I won't have to look at those faraway places, but it's a possibility.

It's hard to keep my moral up. I've already been turned down by 6 businesses - which, out of a small-ass town in PA, is a HUGE percentage.

A lot is riding on me getting an internship and finishing my 200 hours in a timely fashion. If I fail to do that, then our schedule for moving back to the D.C. area is very well fucked. I don't want to screw this up.


Takeshi has been away in Chicago since Tuesday. Pretty quiet around the house. I usually am clamoring to get home after classes, but now it's just so....quiet there! And I know that he's not eventually coming home at the end of the night, so, it takes some of the excitement of going home, away. I'll be glad when next Monday comes around, and he's back!

06 April 2010

Photo Tuesday

My 'pregnant onion' plants are huge now!

Takeshi's rosemary

My new peppermint plant!

Takeshi's new 'bloody dock' plant. still never heard of it or seen it before!

04 April 2010

Bring on another week

We had a fairly pleasant weekend, now that Takeshi is off on Saturdays too! I can't remember the last time he had 2 days off a week instead of 1. It was maybe when we first moved back to this area, last year. Went to the market on Saturday morning to get groceries, and also brought home 2 more plants. I had my eye on a small peppermint plant, and Takeshi bought a "bloody dock" plant. Not sure exactly what it's used for, but he seems to know. I can't wait to see my peppermint get HUGE. :)

Still working on thesis stuff - got a lot of work done on it this weekend, but I still have a lot to do, of course. The banner and the sandwich boards have gone up outside of the college, so they look great, in my humble opinion. Will have to take photos here, shortly.

This weekend, we had homemade pizza for dinner one night, and today Takeshi made some homemade cinnamon buns. Yum.

Warmer weather is hopefully here to stay! I'm loving all of the sunshine.