28 June 2011

hot as anything

No I'm not talking about the imaginary countless number of guys who hit on me while I'm walking dogs. More like the insane heat and humidity lately. I'm pretty sure I don't look as cute as I wish I would, when I'm out in the midday sun, melting.

So, Takeshi has strep throat. He had been feeling awful (again, after just getting over some bug), for the past few days, and then started waking up in the mornings with a temperature of 101-102F. So this past Sunday I drove him to the "mini" clinic in town to see the doctor on staff. She just confirmed to him yesterday that his "bug" indeed has a name, and prescribed meds for 10 days. We're supposed to go see my cousin this coming weekend, so hopefully now that he's on medication, he won't be in danger of spreading it.

Both of us have had another long stretch without any "personal time", again. Sorry to give too much info, but it's something I really struggle with continuously. I don't know exactly how much Takeshi struggles with it, or thinks about sex, but, I would wager that he might not have the same amount of "free" time to even think about it.

Me, on the other hand. It makes me feel like an addict sometimes. But most of the time, it makes me feel not sexy. T_T The same reason behind why the hub keeps getting little colds is the same reason we don't have a sex life. His schedule. The lack of - him.

- I'm going to stop now. I should limit the amount of space per post, that I'll let myself brood about it...Sorry again for the T.M.I.

At this point I don't think we'll be doing anything for the 4th of July (again this weekend, Sunday). I know we'll be seeing my cousin on the 3rd. Hub has been talking with an old culinary friend of his, about getting together and catching up on the 4th. But I don't think we'll be doing anything special. They haven't even THOUGHT of anything to do yet. Men confound me sometimes. Ideally I'd rather have him go off, take the car, and visit with his friend. Hub rarely gets "dude time" in these days. I know we try to spend as much time as we can together on days off, but I want him to see his friends too, sans wifey.

Y'know, normal dude stuff you always hear about.

The trip I took to my college friend's house in Culpeper went nicely. It was great seeing her again, and meeting her 3-month-old son. The first time I've ever held a baby I believe. He was fascinatingly cute to me. I couldn't help but feel little pangs of mummy-longing once and a while. But I am still very much aware that we are not (financially) ready for any little munchkins right now.

I leave with a work-in-progress shot of some art-stuff.

16 June 2011

cloudy thursday

I got back earlier today from dog-walking, so I'm going to do a proper update!

-- I don't know if I had mentioned it yet on this blog, but, just recently I had had a freelance job (the place in Bethesda that I originally applied to for a posted "assistant" position). It just recently came to a close as well. The freelance work they needed done was mostly a catalogue for their clients they deal with, and were working towards a pretty tight deadline. They told me that the clients, in the end, needed the catalogue delivered to them sooner - so they told me, "we can't afford to do designing anymore, and just need to put the info on the pages, and print it out a.s.a.p.". So my services were not needed after that. They say they may contact me in the future to perhaps revisit the design work for them, but there's no guarantee.

-- My parents are coming to the States again to visit, and this time it's in July, not December! I'm really looking forward to them visiting, and wish they could just move back to the U.S. altogether. They'll be staying for about 2 weeks. I hope that the 4 of us (this is including my younger brother) can get get together again for lunch, but knowing Mike, I'm hoping that my parents will be able to at least locate him and make contact. T__T; It seems that a lot of my family members (relatives mostly) have the "I don't care about keeping in touch with you" gene. Mike seems to have contracted it.

-- I'm deciding to grow my hair out. How long? Until it bugs me, or until it becomes really unmanageable. As far as I know, I've never had my hair longer than about shoulder length. My hair is about that long right now. Why am I doing it? For a change I suppose. I want to see what I'd look like. And also, getting your hair cut costs money. We're cheap these days when it comes to certain things that I wish we could buy. New clothes, better bed sheets, etc....Anyway, my hair isn't the greatest in my opinion because it's thick, frizzy, and wavy. Because of my "fluffy" hair, my MIL started calling me "プードル" (poodle). Takeshi's hair is growing longer too, so much that he can wear a small ponytail too! I know that so far, he's only ever wanted to get his hair cut at that Japanese salon in NYC. But I don't know if we're going to be able to take that trip again any time soon, because of time and money.

-- In my spare time I've been trying to develop/nurture/search for my own style of illustration, since I love doing it besides being a graphic designer. The point at which I first found this style of mine (and liked what I had come up with), was when we were living in Japan. And ever since then, I've wanted that illustrative style to come from my memories of living there. I'm working on a digital piece right now - every picture I illustrate uses one of the thousands of photos I took of Japan, as it's background. I'll upload a screenshot of it here in the near future. :)

-- This Saturday, I'm going to visit a friend I met at college, at her house in Culpeper. I'm going to visit not only her, but her brand new baby son! Wow, how things change. The last I saw her at graduation - and now she's a mum. So that'll be fun to experience a baby! Maybe holding him and such. Just being close to a baby of a person whom I know, is new.

I leave with an old photo of me and tousan! :) TK, him, and I went on a day's trip to Nagoya, I believe...

10 June 2011

late update

I live! I don't know if I should keep apologizing to "everyone" about not posting as much, since I never know exactly how many people stay-tuned. I've been meaning to post about Florida, and other such recent events, but life takes hold and I find it's been a month or something, since I've posted! Yikes.

I'm heading off to dog-walking soon. I'm glad today isn't as hot as the past 2 days, though it's still going to be in the mid 90's. Because of the humidity, it has seemed hotter still, during the day. I'm reliving my memories of the summer months in Suzuka! Good god that was awful humidity. You just never are able to be DRY. Takeshi doesn't sweat that much really, only if it's unbearably hot and humid. I, being the pasty, delicate gaijin that I am, would be sweating bullets from the minute I woke up in the morning to the point where my PIL would FINALLY turn on the エアコン at night. But then, being the penny-pinchers they are, they'd turn it off again at bedtime. I can't get on them too much about that, since we do it too.

I'll write more when I get back today, hopefully! Gotta fly. :) Puppies await.