25 January 2009

That Familiar Feeling

That familiar feeling of the winter cold or flu. Thank goodness I haven't felt it yet! But I have a good chance of catching something, because poor Takeshi has fallen down with some sort of cold/flu. His throat is the thing that's bothering him the most. Yesterday his fever only went up to about 101.8F, but today he has not had a fever as far as I know. His throat doesn't allow him to eat anything remotely firm or hard in texture or form, so he's been eating yogurt with sliced banana, zenzai (mochi with red bean soup), and extra soft rice with a packet of ochazuke mix. He's been drinking a lot of carbonated 'Gatorade'-like drinks that they sell in stores, such as 'Vitamin Water', 'Mitsuya Cider', and 'Amino Supply'. All of them tastes like a lemon-lime flavor of Gatorade and are slightly carbonated, but 'Mitsuya Cider' is very carbonated and closely resembles 'ramune' drinks.

So I've been playing nurse and cook for 48 hours so far, and probably a few more days, since the doctor told him that he should stay home, inside, for 3 days. His throat is extremely red, irritated, and has the high possibly of being infected with bacteria if he were to go outside and such. Even though I love having him HOME for change, I hope that we could have another couple of days off together, where one of us isn't sick!

I'm munching on a carrot that I sliced up for my dinner. I do love my carrots, and when I went grocery shopping yesterday (poor Takeshi at home asleep, waiting for my return), I found that Jusco had a couple of things at lower prices than usual. They had these huge, jumbo-sized carrots for only 58 yen each! Yowza. So you know I jumped on that.

So we're stocked up again with food for the time being, plus a few special food items for Takeshi. I don't have much else to talk about right now, so I thought I'd put up some older pictures of things I have talked about in past posts, and maybe some new images as well.

The infamous 'Super Viva Home' monster-store! I'm standing on the other side of the street amongst the rice paddies.

One of the many canals/streams/etc. that run through our neighborhood. Some houses don't have much of a backyard, until it drops off right into the water! Yikes.

A local, popular bakery, 'Pan de Koko'. The building looks big, but the interior is quite small.

And here it is.

A nice variety of yummy pastries, breads, and other unique treats.

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