25 April 2009

The 1 Month Wait

We completed our 'missions' in Tokyo this past week, and are now back in Suzuka. It's raining today with gusts of wind, and I hear there's more of that coming tomorrow. Bleh.

All of our paperwork checked out fine, while we were at the embassy, so now we wait for one month to either have our application accepted or refused. We also completed Takeshi's mandatory visit to the 'Tokyo Medical Clinic' in Tokyo, where he spent the time being a human pin cushion. Blood taken from one arm, and four other vaccine shots. Ouchies.

Going to Tokyo was fun, though it was incredibly fast-paced, because of our schedule. I tried taking as many photos as I could with my Nikon, and even though I'd get grumpy about not having the chance to slow down some, I'd have to remind myself that we were not there for leisure, really. So, as we ran about the city, from appointment to appointment, I took as many 'documentary' photos as I could. Just a few seconds to stop and snap a photo before trying to figure out where the hell Takeshi was in front of me now, in the crowd of people!

It was my first time riding the shinkansen (bullet train)! I have to say that it was the smoothest train ride I've ever had. Which meant almost no motion sickness for me! Huzzah! And all the leg room in front of you seat, that you could ever hope to get! Awesome.

Our plan was to arrive in Tokyo at about 10am-ish the day before our day of errands. We would first seek out and find the exact location of the clinic, since it was the first place we needed to be at the next morning. When we finally got there, we decided to take a taxi to the address that Takeshi had written down. Long story short, we end up wandering around a little residential section of the city for about 1.5 hours, searching for this clinic. There was nothing in this area, but houses, and a few tiny stores. To make the wandering-hunt even more frustrating and tired, this area was located on top of a steep hill. I was so out of breath and hungry by the time we turned to climb up this SAME street for the 3rd time. Woo! Exercise. And so early in the morning, without any meals yet. Takeshi fairs better than I do, in the morning, without having any food. I waste away pretty fast if I don't have breakfast or a snack or SOMETHING. ^_^;; We actually found a clinic in the neighborhood but it was another clinic. Soooooo actually, Takeshi had written down the wrong address. We took a taxi to the actual clinic a little later, after we had figured out the mistake. But before we left the area, we ate at a small restaurant. What a morning...

The (right) clinic ended up being right across the street from the Tokyo Tower! Alright. :) So after we took notice of the clinic's location, we decided to set up camp for the night at the 'Prince Hotel' which was right down the street from the clinic, across an intersection. So when we woke up the next morning, we had no hassle in getting to our appointment. So we went to the clinic - lots of waiting for both of us for Takeshi to be called, and then more waiting for me, while he was gone. The clinic was mostly (if not all meant) for foreigners. The waiting room was a long narrow room. On both ends of the waiting room were rooms for multiple types of doctors. I guess they decided to squish many different types of medical practices together in this one clinic, for convenience. On one end there were gynecologist, pediatric, and maternity offices. On the other end were offices for x-rays, and probably some other practices. There were a lot of pregnant ladies, and ladies with babies in that waiting room! It was weird being in a public places with foreigners again! Pretty much no Japanese patients waiting. There were Americans, for sure, and I also saw a good amount of French people and one Australian family. Being in that waiting room really made me feel like I was back in the States all of a sudden!

The 2 days we spent in Tokyo (not in appointments) went by in a flash. We got a small taste of some of the well-known areas of the city. We went to Akihabara and Roppongi. We walked across the Shibuya Crossing! That was cool, but it's so hard to not get lost in the wall of people who are walking towards you from the other side of the street. Like I said, I was only able to take photos to document our travels throughout the city. Here are a bunch!

Standing at the Shibuya Crossing

I really liked the concept of these posters, advertising 'Soy Joy' bars

Tokyo Tower!

The main street in Akihabara

Inside one of the many local train stations

The Tower off in the distance!

A close-up

The view from our room! 8th Floor

All in all, a busy two days :)

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Sara said...

Hi I hopped over from Lulu's blog.. although I've seen your comments pop up on blogs I read a lot! (its a small world here :) )

Interesting to read about getting a visa for your husband.. I'm also from the US and hope to SOMEDAY go back... although at this point it is looking to be at least 8-10 years from now. I'd love to talk to you about your "getting a visa" journey sometime even though we won't be in the same situation for while! Seems so easy to get a spouse visa in Japan but a spouse green card in America seems soooo complicated!!!!

Sarah in Kobe soon to be Niigata