10 June 2011

late update

I live! I don't know if I should keep apologizing to "everyone" about not posting as much, since I never know exactly how many people stay-tuned. I've been meaning to post about Florida, and other such recent events, but life takes hold and I find it's been a month or something, since I've posted! Yikes.

I'm heading off to dog-walking soon. I'm glad today isn't as hot as the past 2 days, though it's still going to be in the mid 90's. Because of the humidity, it has seemed hotter still, during the day. I'm reliving my memories of the summer months in Suzuka! Good god that was awful humidity. You just never are able to be DRY. Takeshi doesn't sweat that much really, only if it's unbearably hot and humid. I, being the pasty, delicate gaijin that I am, would be sweating bullets from the minute I woke up in the morning to the point where my PIL would FINALLY turn on the エアコン at night. But then, being the penny-pinchers they are, they'd turn it off again at bedtime. I can't get on them too much about that, since we do it too.

I'll write more when I get back today, hopefully! Gotta fly. :) Puppies await.

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Judith said...

No need for apologies. Just glad when you find the time to post. I find it sometimes really hard as well to update my blog.