08 December 2011

turkey day photos

Photos of our quiet Thanksgiving. The chef outdid himself as usual. ;) I helped though! And made pumpkin pie.

We put up the tree a few days before

A present sent from the inlaws! Incredibly adorable!!

Wonderfully painted ornaments from Armenia, given to us by my parents

my pumpkin pie ;)

hub pickling some veggies

brussel sprouts, eventually was sautéed with onions and bacon

the chef at work

stuffing made with homemade turkey broth

Everything together! They made awesome leftovers.


Judith said...

That looks all very delicious. The bears are just too adorable. Did you name them?

ローラ said...

I didn't think of naming them! Hmmm. Well I guess we'll just go with 'Chef Bear' and 'Wifey Bear' for now. Hehe. ;)