22 February 2012

too much quiet

Living with two extra people in this apartment, and getting used to the extra noise, makes their absence ever more silent. I dropped off mum and dad today at Dulles airport, where they later boarded their flight to their new home for the next 3 years, Amman, Jordan.

So I'm back to my usual surroundings. Being alone until Takeshi gets home from work at night.

They did leave us with a second car though. I drove it on the way back home. And they left us with a lot of extra food! I knew they weren't going to finish it all, before they left. Now I have some extra frozen turkey burgers and cereal. :) Ah variety.

I'll post some photos of their visit soon, just gotta load them onto my laptop!

I don't have too much energy to type now. Just feeling too melancholy. :/ Have a good night everyone.


Judith said...

I hate the empty house feeling. Usually I like some alone time. But after having people stay it just seems so lonely. Let's hope you get over the feeling soon and enjoy your freedom ;-)

Anonymous said...

I've just read some of your blog.
I feel for you guys, being far from Japan. Can't you move back to Japan? Do you have to live in the USA.
I spent my 'career' here, in Japan, just as the usual English teacher, but the lifestyle is so much better than in the UK, where I'm from, and I couldn't imagine 'working' in my country, not these days, not with all the tinned terrorism being fed the sheeple, the high taxes, the big brother culture.

I hope 2012 goes well for you but maybe you could also bring your skills to Japan again, where you both might be happier.

My bf is American but neither of us want to live there for any length of time. It just drives us crazy.