10 August 2012

lancaster, plants

So I'm finally uploading these few photos I took during our recent day trip to Lancaster, PA (where we used to live while I was in college there). We arrived on a Monday evening, spent some time at our old favorite cafe, went to a hotel in town, woke up early on Tuesday for the farmer's market, and left at about noon. But hub got to enjoy the rest of his day off, while I went to work at 5pm. Bleh. >__<

It was great seeing old places again, but that hotel we had stayed in downtown was a piece of crap. An old, mildewy piece of crap. We had never stayed there, and only did because it was close to everything in town. And it was only for 1 night, so why not. An old desolate place, with dust caked on light fixtures, & stained carpets. It looked like the place was being prepped to be a haunted house amusement. The first key they gave us ended up being to a room that wasn't even fixed up yet, with frumpy, rubbled bedsheets, a pile of towels on the floor in the bathroom, and a CREEPY white-bar baby crib along one wall. UH. NO thank you. We went down and got another key, to a room which was fixed. TV had no working channels though.

Farmer's Market the next day was wonderful. We got to wander past all of the stands of produce, nuts, breads, preservatives, and Amish quilts. Hub, being the chef that he is, was very excited by many things, and bought some produce. We also bought a small rosemary plant, to add to our garden. :)

Prince Street Cafe on Monday night

View of Lancaster city from hotel room

Farmer's Market

And again

Hub bought "Indigo Rose" tomatoes. Very pretty!

I bought tea!

Our new rosemary plant

Apple mint is growing and growing!

Our tomato plant; about 3.5'  high now!


Judith said...

Uh tea! What did you get?

ローラ said...

Yum tea. :D I got Black Current, China Gunpowder, Jasmine, & Country Mint! The mint tea is good, but the tea leaves are SO STRONG. I had to isolate it from the rest of the tea, so they all don't smell like mint, lol.

Judith said...

All sound great. I got some mint tea (only boring tea bags) and found that it is really cooling to drink it in the heat. Who would have thought!