22 March 2013

a cold start to spring

It's been such a damned cold start to spring so far! Yikes. Hopefully we'll get some milder days again soon here. I've officially started up my "container garden" again! Bought a few seeds that will be firsts for me this year, things I haven't tried to grow yet; sugar snap peas, lavender, strawberries, marjoram, & spearmint.

Hub and I (last year I think?) went to this "pick-your-own" farm in the area, and I really loved picking peas from this huge field. So I though this year, why not try to grow some myself? The same thought for strawberries. I think it'll be fun to grow strawberries at home. :) I've had mint before (apple mint that's dead now...T__T), but never have tried to grow it from seed. Same as lavender. I have chive seeds also - they'll be sown sometime in the beginning of April. Which is not too far away actually...wow time flies.

I have tons of lettuce seeds still, but I'm hesitant to use one of the shallow, long plastic containers for that again. Lettuce was difficult to grow for me, last year. They just never flourished as much as I wanted them too. What I may do this time around is just plant one seed in it's own individual small pot or container - see how it goes.

Some woolly lavender I bought transplanted into a slightly bigger pot - so fuzzy!

My two strawberry starts - trying different containers for each one

Marjoram seeds sprouting

TEENY spearmint sprout emerging

A tough life...