14 July 2009

1 More Day

The day after tomorrow is the 17th of July. We'll be catching our flight at around 9:45am at the Nagoya Airport.

It's been crazy these past few weeks, working to get ready to leave, - hence the lack of posting for a bit. And when we get back into Pennsylvania we'll be even busier, I'd say! At least until we settle into a new apartment, get a car, Takeshi finds a new job, and I start back at school this fall.

I've been trying to burn every single surrounding and scene into my brain, while traveling around Suzuka and such, so I can try to remember what it's like for as long as I can. Of course I'll still have the memories of Japan forever, but it's not the same actually being in the environment anymore, and really "feeling" what it was like with your 5 senses.

We'll be staying at Takeshi's family's house the night before we leave, because by that day, our apartment is to be totally empty and our utilities are scheduled to be shut off. My FIL will be giving us a ride to the airport the next day, and now I hear that my MIL will also be coming with us as well. This is totally fine, because I'd like for his parents to see us off (since they were there to greet us at the same airport when we arrived here last year). But my MIL has a talent for dramatic goodbyes. As Takeshi puts it, "She never likes goodbyes. NEVER. She's terrible with them." Ooh boy...There will be water-works for SURE, now. It's SO awkward when she cries like that (we've gone through a couple goodbyes before this). I don't know if I'll get teary at all as well. I hope not!

Today we went to the mall and bought some things for the airplane ride, and also bought some things that we knew we could only get in Japan. I bought two small リラックマ books, and a new groovy, purple watch. I also really wanted to stop by the UNIQLO store in town to see if anything was new there. I bought 3 new tops! Huzzah for new clothes :)

Tomorrow we plan to lug over the rest of our things we plan to leave in Japan for now, to the family house.

The heat has been awful for the last 2-3 days. I'm sure anyone else living here knows exactly how it feels! At times like this, I really wish we had a car, to just scoot around town in, instead of biking/walking everywhere. The other day, we decided to go to a couple of stores a little bit away, down the main road of the city. I can't really remember how to exactly chart out 1 mile's length, but it felt like we biked at least a mile TO the stores, and then coming back again. That was the worst day so far, for me, heat-wise. I was trying to keep up with Takeshi on bike, the sun is beating down on me, I'm thirsty, out of breath, and it really did make me feel nauseous near the end of our town-trek. When we stopped at a restaurant for lunch, I drank 3 glasses of cold tea in about 3 minutes. Whew!

Of course, Takeshi always acquires a nice tan in the summer months, and never burns.

I (without gobs of sun-block lotion) acquire blistery sunburns, and lobster-colored skin tones. And then I turn back to WHITE.

I'm a polar bear, it's true...I wish I could get just a LITTLE bit of a tan. Ah well.

Got to go for now. Bedtime is upon us! And then onto another day of errands!

I don't know when I'll be able to post next. Please keep reading, even though I'll be in the States now! Thanks everyone. <3


Corinne said...

Wow, I can't imagine doing anything like that in this heat, I can barely drag myself away from the air-con! Well done! I hope the flight (and the goodbyes!) go smoothly and you can get settled back home soon!

Sara said...

Good luck on your move!!!!!!!
Hope you Takeshi finds a new job before too long and you guys get into a happy groove!!!

I'd LOVE to go home for a bit so I'll be living vicariously through you if you don't mind ;)