03 July 2009

Humidity Monster

I can never hope to keep my hair in a decent state, while Japan is submerged in the rainy season. I have to act like a car whenever I go outside, and try not to get a SPECK of rain on me. But then the high humidity will probably kill it, anyway. I cry inside...

Takeshi's first going-away party last Tuesday was fun! They had it at the restaurant itself after hours. There was a small assortment of food and munchies which different people brought - takoyaki, pizza, onigiri, chicken nuggets, and crackers.

The gathering went until about 1am, and everyone went their seperate ways, wishing us good luck with the move, etc.

The party really was just a chance for people to catch up on a lot of conversation. I didn't partake of any real conversation, but I was able to chill out with Mayumi-san, and Iwazaki-san, and they asked me questions about the plane ride to the U.S. and such. "Conversation" between the three of us consisted of a mix of doodles, writing, Japanese, English, and hand signals. But both sides were understood, in the end! Haha. :) Takeshi received a few presents from a few people which included a really neat digital watch.

Tomorrow we go to another party, being held by his other workplace, at the "Saigon Cafe" in town. We were going to go to an Okinawan restaurant "HanaHana" but they switched plans, probably because it was a little too far away for people to get to. It's being held at 10pm. Takeshi's friend Kato-san is picking us up! This party is supposed be BIG - about, 20-30 people, I hear. Wowza! Party-hardy.

Today we started packing things, and got three boxes done and taped up. We've packed all of our winter clothes, stuffed animals (Rilakkuma plushies mostly!) and some of my art supplies. Earlier on today we stopped by Takeshi's family's house to return some comforter blankets and a box of CDs to them, which we had been borrowing. Later on we found ANOTHER bag of comforters underneath the bed, so we'll have to make another run to the family house sometime soon.

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