08 December 2009



I come into class this morning and the guy who sits next to me comes in after me, and scoots his chair way, way far away. For those of you who haven't heard the scoop - it's this guy who has been asking me multiple questions every class, about information the professor JUST told us. Stuff that he should have been paying attention to, since it's y'know - like - COLLEGE. He was frankly, pissing me off and getting on my nerves. I mean - can't you think for yourself? Sheesh. Anyway, I don't give a crap if he's giving me cold-shoulder treatment, since that means he'll stop asking me questions 4 times a day now. Hopefully.

We received our first snowfall of the season this past weekend. It didn't stick at all and most of it's gone by now. It was so distracting that day! I love watching snow fall.

I put together my own Christmas card design over the weekend. It's very cute I think, and I'm very pleased with how it came out! Just have to print them out. I hope to not only send a card to my husband's family, but send cards to some of Takeshi's good friends as well. I'll have to ask him if he could get their addresses.

Next week is our last week before winter break. I'm not feeling the crunch so much right now, with getting projects done and all - let's hope I don't to that point of panic! Haha.

Another downer - my 2 new pairs of shoes that my mum bought for me, which are the EasySpirit brand, are cutting into my ankle ONLY on my right foot. Argh. I think it's the type of shoe design that's doing it - they had no laces, kind of slip-ons. The opening where you put your foot through - it's slightly curved in (to help it stay on your foot I believe). So the curved in part at my ankle sits wrong on my foot, and cut into my ankle the other day. By the time I made it to college, I KNEW my ankle was rubbed raw. Ouch.

So I'm waiting for it to heal up. I went out and bought some "inner shoe-padding sticky-foam strip" things. I attached some strips to the inside of both right feet, but I can't truly test them out, until my foot heals. Everything rubs against it now, and it hurts. Bleh. I really like these shoes and would like to wear them without tearing myself up. So let's hope this helps, in the end.

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