21 December 2009

Break Mode

I've officially been on winter break since last Friday, and I already feel like a lazy bum. You always feel like you should be doing something after you've been doing non-stop college work for a few months!

Already, Takeshi's had to go into work on his days off a hell of a lot more than wanted. But on the sunny side (which he pointed out to me), he is getting overtime for it. Personally, I'd rather have him instead of the money. But since we're trying to save up, I guess every little bit helps, for now.

Some of my class grades are still coming in on the college's website, but so far, I've done pretty well this semester - mostly As with a couple B's. Right before we left for break, my Senior Design Studio class picked from a hat, our fictitious company to work on for our senior thesis for the spring semester. We have a little bit of work to think about over break, for that project. I'm also participating in a small gallery show at the college - students are creating pieces for the show with the theme "blurring the lines between art and design". I'll probably do something on canvas, which I still need to go buy. But I didn't have any oil/acrylic paints to my name, so I've already bought a limited palette of oil paints to use.

Ummmm....what else. (my winter-break brain no doubt)

We got a pretty good snow over this past weekend! Wow - about 14-18 inches all told. Snow that actually sticks around for a bit! Hehe. Takeshi and I kept marveling at all of it, when we went out for chores. We haven't experienced a good snowfall in about 2 years.

A little treat - tapioca pearls from the nearby Vietnamese store

Some water biscuits I baked the other day

Kenyan Chai tea - a present from mum!

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