16 February 2010


I'm in Senior Studio class right now. Just got back from my critique group - critiquing our logos for our senior thesis, fictional company. I put forth a logo that the prof liked a lot, so I can now move on to doing little changes instead of being back at square one again. Whew. よかった。I was really worried about this logo for senior thesis. I definitely want my logo for this to be awesome, and I think I have a really good start right now. To tweak it into a logo that I'm very pleased with and proud of, in the end.

YES it snowed a TON over my birthday weekend, and then AGAIN during last week, which caused my college to close on Wednesday and Thursday. Crazy, crazy. I think (I hope) we won't see any big snows again for a while, and perhaps not again before Spring gets here. Takeshi baked me a cake for my birthday and it was the cutest little cake ever! I love, love, LOVED it. He received many smooches.

layers of strawberry and crepe!

Takeshi unfortunately had to work last night (Valentine's Day). The day before, I bought two large "linza tarts" at the local bakery as presents. They were very yummy. And the hubby was extremely thoughtful yet again, when he arrived home at around midnight with some roses for me! Aww. More smooches. It makes me feel very unworthy!

This past Saturday, my friend Astrid and I tagged along with another college class to the Indian Echo Caverns, near Hummelstown, PA. The class was some kind of nature studies class, but our Folklore class prof asked if anyone would be interested in going along that day. The caverns where very beautiful, and we had a good time. And they even let people take pictures! - with flash! That was very unique, since I know almost any kind of cavern I've been to in the past doesn't allow photos at all. I definitely was snapping away with my Nikon the whole time the tour guide was talking.

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