03 February 2010

A Boatload of Snow?

The weather reports are calling for another big snow shower/storm on this Friday evening, and mostly on Saturday! This Saturday just so happens to be my birthday as well. I like having my birthday on a weekend this year (finally), but why couldn't we have a huge crap load of snow hit us on a weekday? Ah well.

I'll be turning 23 this Saturday. I doubt I'll feel any different. Takeshi got a bit mopey before his 23rd birthday with the "Ahh I'm getting older, oh woe is me". I don't feel that way yet. Check back with me when I turn 30. ;) Haha.

I don't know if we'll get to do anything ON Saturday for it. Even if Takeshi's work decides to close down due to tons of snowfall, who would be open to go out to eat - and would we want to go on a snow-trek for a meal? Who knows. We'll see.

Man, I wish I was snuggling under a kotatsu right now!

1 comment:

-phx- said...

haha, i'll be turning 23 in just a couple months, and i've been complaining about turning old since i turned 22 :p
well, hope you have a good birthday!