22 July 2010

f*cking ROACHES

We have them. I'm pissed.

We are clean people. Judging by what I've seen so far from the rest of our neighbors in this apartment building, I HIGHLY DOUBT they give two shits about cleanliness. Which means the bugs were brought on by them, not us. And besides, we just moved here recently. We'd have to be total pigs to attract roaches THAT fast.

Any tips? I've only seen little ones so far, and even though I REALLY don't want to see a huge honking roach crawling around - it usually means that there are more somewhere else.

I've seen the majority of them in the kitchen so far, but I have seen one or two in the bathroom?? And when I see them, I kill them but I know it's probably just the TIP of the iceberg. We did buy Raid roach spray the other day, but I usually can't run and get the can every time I see one, or it would be gone by the time I'd turn back around. I usually get 'em with a tissue. And wash my hands afterwards. :(

This Sunday I'm thinking of getting some roach traps, or even better - the poison stuff that the roaches can eat, and bring back the nest where it slowly kills the nest off (hope to god). I've read tips about prevention, and I'll be even MORE of a clean-freak after today, but I hope I can actually make a difference.

I doubt very much that the apartment would cover an extermination person to come out and treat the building. Definitely would come out of OUR pockets.

The first time I saw the buggers was down in the laundry room, which happens to be the room directly below our apartment. And that's even GROSSER idea, of having roaches crawling all over your laundry, if you leave it out in big, huge, damp piles. Which is EXACTLY what SOMEONE in this building has repeatedly done. It's disgusting. And I have to move the shit over, so I can actually work the fucking washer and dryer, too. The last time I went down there to do laundry, I took a bunch from the pile and threw it on the floor. I don't give a damn, let 'em get dirty. Who just leaves their damp laundry there for hours??

Also - it's a very small room - and the dryers there run SO HOT. Above normal, really. So it stays very warm and humid down there. Just the right kind of place to raise a roach family.

Anyway, there's a good chance the bugs are originating from there, but what do they eat - detergent?

I've killed numerous types of bugs already in this place. Roaches, flies, nats (one is still evading me), millepedes (pukes), small spiders, and one measly cricket.

I am the bug-warrior-woman. Hear me roar.

My hubby on the other hand, is very afraid of getting near any kind of creepy-crawler.

Aren't I supposed to be the one on top of a chair screaming?

I'm about ready to buy a whole bunch of bug bombs or whatever, and blow this whole apartment building into oblivion.

So yah, any tips would be appreciated, if anyone has had to deal with roaches before!

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illahee said...

ok, this is either the third or fourth time i've given advice on this! LOL

anyway, first off, roaches are water bugs and are attracted to water. probably why you see them in the bathroom. wipe up all droplets of water (on the counter, in the sink, etc.) as well as making sure you clean up all crumbs. in the kitchen, food goes all over the place. clean out from under the fridge from time to time, and under any appliances on counter tops that have space underneath.

roaches apparently hate bay leaves, so get a big bag of them and distribute around the house (behind the fridge, in the cupboards, etc.). finally, you're in the US so i can recommend borax. if you don't have any kids or pets, you can just sprinkle the borax powder in places you think the roaches might be nesting or getting into your place. otherwise, you might google borax and see what you find. some people make pastes and use that. apparently roaches will just eat this stuff, even though it's a poison for them! (i think it's not really very harmful to humans, unless you eat it.)

last of all, it doesn't really mean your dirty or not. roaches know what they want, and the roaches in the SE are awful!! if they smell food or water and need some, they'll just go get it. make sure it's hard for them to get! good luck!