24 August 2010

a nice tuesday

We had a nice Tuesday today. Takeshi's day off. We went down to Tyson's Corner mall, which is the largest (ritziest) mall in the area. I always like going there and walking around because somehow it makes me feel like I can actually afford that lifestyle. Lol. Bloomingdale's, Coach, and a dozens of other stores which will max out anyone's credit card in a damned hurry. We decided to take a trip to one of the mall's eyeglass stores which also has a small eye-doctor attached. Both of us were in need of a vision test - last one I had was about 3-4 years ago!

Cost us more than I thought though, at a total of $140 for the both of us. We don't have any health insurance right now, so we pay the total amount....cry. :( I found out my eyes are pretty much the same as they were, and I probably don't need a prescription change, which is good. On the bad side, I took the test where they puff air in your eyes (everyone hates that test!) - and I was told that the fluid pressure in my eyes are on the high side. They are still in the "average" level on the scale of things, but on the higher side of average. I was told that this puts me at risk for possibly getting glaucoma later on in life. Now, they told me at the age of 23, I'm not going to get it any time soon, but I was told to definitely keep up on the annual checkups. Kind of a bummer, huh?

Anywho, we bought some tea leaves at Teavana, one of my favorite stores. We bought 2 flavors of tea leaves, with the stores tea tins which I had saved at home. That way you can just pay for the (rather expensive) tea leaves and not have to crap out another $10-15 for a tin to put them in. The girl who served us was pretty chatty and bubbly in the beginning, but I have never seen someone change moods so fricking quickly! It was hilarious! She quickly learned that I was not made out of money and that I wasn't going to fill up BOTH tins all the way to the brim, which would have cost me about $42 a tin = about $85 total. Fuck. That.

Christ lady, I'm not rich. I LOVE tea, but...jeez. And she got so sad. Psh! She could have made it a little less obvious at least.

Me: (looking at the price of tea leaves as she weighs the tin) "Could you take it down a little? To about $20?"

Her: (about to shovel in ANOTHER scoop of tea) "....Oh....down?"

Me: "Yeah, less."

Her: (glumly and quietly pours some out)

Here are some recent photos! Have a good week everyone.

tea that TK picked - Earl Grey White

my tea choice - Youth Berry

yummy cheeses we bought that other day :)

Multiple "wash clothes"(?) over time from MIL. I want to use them - but how?? Any of the ladies back in Japan - what do you use them for? Any ideas?

the key lime pie I made! No longer around, though ;)

CD Depot, in College Park - sold some of our DVDs there on Sunday - got $32!

And now some photos of my handsome hubby (cause I'm shameless) from when we lived in Japan. Found these the other days while rummaging through my external hard-drive!


grooogrux said...

I have never had a good experience at Teavanna, so I generally just avoid them in general. It usually goes something like what happened to you; guess they hire the same personalities uniformly!

Those little cloths were thing I always carried in my purse in Japan because they never had towels to dry your hands on. They're also useful in the summer to keep in your bag for when it's hot, sort of a sweat towel almost. Oh, Japan.

Also, that first picture of Takeshi looks eerily like N in some ways that I had to do a double take to realise the face was different, but the expression was spot on.

-phx- said...

i've always used wash cloths to wash my face or scrub my body in the shower, i also have wash cloths in the kitchen to wipe the counters. Those wash cloths look to cute to be wiping counters though!