11 September 2010

no human contact

Sometimes I really do hate being alone at home during the day, right now. Somedays I'm fine with it and I find things to keep myself busy. But sometimes I really crave human contact, just speaking with another person. From the time Takeshi leaves in the morning until he gets back at midnight, I don't speak, of course. What am I gonna do, talk to myself?

I'm not that crazy yet...


I think he's been looking online for another job possibly, with better hours than he has now. Which would be so nice for both of us. But mostly for him. He works at least 14 hours a day right now.

Sometimes I wish that he had a job in another field, so that he could have more of a 9 to 5 schedule. Like a job that Sarah's, or GW's hub has. But then, Takeshi would be a different person, and maybe not be the guy I fell in love with. Cooking/the culinary field is in his blood and defines him as much as design/art/creativity defines me. So it's kind of a catch 22.

We're going to New York NEXT weekend. I asked him cuz I forgot. God Laura, you're losing your memory. Anyway, yay next weekend.

I was thinking today that when we go, I'd like to visit the UNIQLO store. I love that store and I miss it! So many cute clothes in there. And who knows - Takeshi, even in his EXTREMELY DEFINED TASTE in clothes - may, MAY actually find something he likes. Perhaps even *gasp* a new pair of shoes. He needs a new pair desperately.

NYC also has a Yoshinoya. We went there once, before we moved to Suzuka, and of course they were everywhere, then. Lol.

Yumm...love their beef bowls. Very tempting, also, to go there.

Gah the sun is setting. It's 6:01pm. The ending of another boring day of waiting for the "gears of my life" to start turning. That interview in D.C. cannot come soon enough. But a part of me is really scared though, and almost hate going to interviews. Because so far, I've been let down do much by possible job positions that went nowhere, after waiting and hanging on for weeks at a time. All I can do, is do my best each time I get an opportunity, so hopefully, that time, it'll work out in my favor.


Gaijin Wife said...

I talk to myself - or otherwise I talk to RYu like I'm talking to girlfriend. He doesn't seem to mind.

I am also quite possibly clinically insane but nevermind. It's better than talking to the mother in law all day!

No, No, No not a civil servant job - shite shite shite. Steady income yes - OK benefits - yes. Tax dept - shit hours for six months of the year. No say in where you get put and hub hates it. So much better having a hub who at least doesn't hate what he is doing.

I'd get cabin fever staying home all day. You start the dog walking on monday though don't you. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Just so you're forewarned, the UNIQLO here isn't that fabulous. It's rather Americanized in size and style, which takes away most of the fun design element in the clothing.

If you like ramen, you might want to try Ippudo which is in the East Village, I think on 4th Ave. It's delicious - I've been there a few times after late concerts. :) Hearty いっらしゃいませs abound.

And if you have any questions about the city, feel free to ask! Good luck with your interview!

ローラ said...

GW -

Sometimes I will talk to the TV or whatnot as well lol.
I didn't know your hub's work puts him where they want him etc. etc. :/ That would sour me quite a bit.

I do start it on Monday! It'll be nice to see the outside world again, AND even places I haven't been to! Lol. Nothing glorious, just different streets I'm guessing. ;)

grooogrux -

Aww really? No way should they have the right to westernize UNIQLO! Nooo...the horror. :(

We do love ramen though, and I know Takeshi would like it. :D I might check that place out! Yum. And I love (and miss) the customer service back home - I wouldn't mind getting pummeled with a chorus of "いっらしゃいませ" again. :) Thanks for the recommendation!