02 October 2010

a different outlet

So I finally decided to make an account on WordPress as well. I may in the future move my blogging entirely to WordPress instead of Blogger, but for now this second blog accomplishes something Blogger cannot. Password protected posts. Sometimes I need and want to write about more personal things/issues that I don’t want the whole internet community being able to see.

For now, I guess is that I can post the URL link to a protected post on Blogger – those whom I’ve given the password to will be able to then see it. Or, if you can choose the option to follow both of the blogs.

If you want to ask me if you could have the password to the posts, email me at bigteamug@gmail.com.

Here's the link:



grooogrux said...

I'd love to continue reading, especially since it's nice to see another person like me in the States rather than in Japan. And I love your stories. :)

My e-mail is cryfreedom(at)me(dot)com, if you wouldn't my following.

-phx- said...

^What grooogrux said!

My e-mail: chaitea_taichi[at]yahoo[dot]com