19 February 2011

jazzy Saturday

Quiet Saturday at home, listening to jazz on the radio. Takeshi took the car (and I think I left my phone in it last night too...くそ!) But anyway, I got to sleep in today. :) Finally finished a book today that I had been reading for a while, so now I can start on some books I bought myself for my birthday. It sucks that we opted to leave a lot of "things we didn't need right away" back home in Japan at the inlaw's house. It's got a lot of photo albums, childhood things, etc, but I also left a ton of books of mine, which I'd like to be able to read again! But gotta wait until we decide we want to spend a LOT of money to ship those boxes back. I don't even remember how many boxes of things we left...I know I left my french easel...that didn't fit into a box for sure. They're probably collecting dust in that upstairs storage room they have in the house.

Still working on a painting I started for Takeshi for his birthday - this shit takes a while! Haha. Especially when it's for someone else. Also because I'm doing it in oil paint which does take a while to dry - and especially long, since the way I'm creating the imagery is to use thick layers of paint on top of each other. I want to create a very textural painting, so after each "layer" of paint I need to wait about 1.5-2 weeks for it to mostly dry so I can apply the next one on top. It's going good though. It's based off of one of Takeshi's dishes that he created....last year? Something like that. I'll show you the comparison photo when it's done. :)

On Valentine's Day I decided to bake cookies for the hub. :) They came out pretty good in my opinion, and I had a lot of fun making the icing from scratch for the first time! Takeshi had some food coloring, so I used the red and yellow. Takeshi unfortunately didn't get home until about 2:00am that night, since the restuarant was no doubt bursting at the seams with VDay customers all day long.

And now a random photo for you:

Tired hub on his day off. I did NOT show this to you, by the way. Ssshhhh. ;)

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