14 February 2011

make the post already!

ARGH Ok here I go - making this post finally after procrastinating. My birthday shpeel' and recent random stuff.

Birthday was good, but I ended getting my monthly THAT very day (too much info?). This ended up making me suddenly at one point in the day, feeling depressed and sad that my parents, and my brother couldn't be there to celebrate with me. My parents can't because of their jobs, but my brother can't mostly because he doesn't like talking to the family unless he's in trouble. I started getting really teared up while I was driving us to dinner that day, Takeshi was really confused, I'm sure...

We had a good dinner at a tiny, local sushi place, and got a HUGE amount of sushi, so I had to take some home, which is fine with me. :) Yum. More sushi for later that night! Anyway, photos from my birthday, certain things I gifted to myself ;), and other random photos.


Designer Toys


Qee Bear



Rilakkuma stickers & Mamegoma eraser

Racoon Kireizukin Seikatu plush

Kamonohashi Kamo platypus mug

Momo Sushi restaurant

Hub totally surprised me with his present! Did not see that coming. But it's not really only mine., he uses it as well. I'd be one stingy person to hog such a neat thing all to myself!


ag said...

Don't be sad. You have been through harder times than these. I know it takes a toll to always be positive against the crashing waves of life. But we have no viable alternative. It is this that keeps us strong.

Great!, now I'm sounding like a speech by Captain Picard.

-phx- said...

Happy (belated) birthday!
Platypus mug is super cute, and... an iPad?? Awesome!

gaijinwife said...

ahhh an ipad? I was wondering. My guess was a digital photo frame. Happy belated birthday. I hope you got to talk to your parents at least. My brother is a bit bloody useless - boy thing so don't take it personally. Belated birthday hugs from Japan.

ローラ said...

I know, it was just me being emotional that day lol. And yeah, that did sound a little Captain Picard-ish. Are drinking some earl grey right now? ;)

Thanks! :) I know isn't the platypus cute? And I think his friend is a little hedgehog.

I didn't get to speak to them that day, but I did the night before on Skype, which for them in their time zone was already my birthday! lol. They got to say happy bday to me as it was turning midnight which was neat. Kind of like new years count down! Haha. :) Thanks for hugs from Japan, They mean a lot. <3