29 March 2011

spring, hurry up already

So I guess I should make another post before March ends! Hmm so what's new.

Last Wednesday, I got into a fender bender while driving at night to pick Takeshi up from work like usual. I was sitting at a red light and my car gets a good "Bonk!".....hmm??? Oh great. Nothing too bad: two scrapes/dings on my back bumper, but still needs fixing. So the dude has been (so far) pretty nice about it and wants to write me a certified check, on the 15th of April. The crappy thing about getting the car fixed is that the shop needs it for 3 days??!! Sigh. So I factored in rental car costs for 3 days to what the guy owes me. Times like this, makes me wish we could afford another car! But if we don't have to pay for it, then whateve'.

Our 3 year marriage anniversary is coming up on May 16th! This year we decided to take it up a notch and GO somewhere, instead of just a nice dinner somewhere. :) Aaaand we're going to sunny Florida! Which I have never been to, so I'm excited to hit those beaches!! I love the ocean. We'll be staying at a rental condo in Daytona Beach for a week for NO CHARGE, thanks to my best friend's very generous and AWESOME grandfather who owns it! So, so nice of him. I'll be calling him sometime soon about information and such. That saves us about $300-$400. Lol. From Google Map it looks like the beach is only a 5-6 minute walk away. Nice. :) So, jazzed about that, and reading up on places to go and see. Anytime I step out outside right now into the chilly breeze, I just picture myself on a white sandy beach, playing in the water. Hehe.

Going to the D.C. Cherry Blossom Festival on April 9th, which should be fun. But I've read about the peak blooming time for the cherry blossoms in D.C. and by then, it will have ended. So TK and I are going a weekend earlier (this Sunday) when it is still the peak blooming time, to see the trees. And dawdle around, since we don't get to go to D.C. that often.

2 possible job prospects are going on right now, but I don't want to get my hopes up again, of course. We'll see.

Made my very first batch of miso soup the other night! Very proud of myself, and it didn't taste that bad! :) Even Takeshi said so! Since he's Japanese AND a chef, his "critique" of my Japanese dishes definitely count. Lol.

Dog walking is going well for what it is. Got a new dog - or puppy I should say! Golden Retriever puppy (about 11 weeks old now) named Ace who is the chubbliest, adorable thing ever, and bites everything in sight. I hope that changes soon!

I leave you with recent random photos! Have a good week, all.

Sam, Sussex Spaniel :)

Pete at the park

Hazy day in Old Town.

Ace the Golden Retriever - energy!

Always-cheerful Sydney. Black Lab. I love him to bits.

Old Town from 14th floor from client's apartment

Mimsy the tweeny-weeny poodle

Miso soup!

Dexter deciding to get a drink a different way

Having fun with Sam!


Anonymous said...

It's funny that you mention Daytona Beach, because I'm currently in Florida staying at a nearby beach. Daytona is a nice beach, but if you're looking for a white beach you might want to consider coming down the road a bit to New Symrna Beach. Either way, on Daytona there is a nice little restaurant right on the beach itself that is on a pier above the water. There's also good one, ahh.. I forget the name of it, I'll have to ask, on the road taking you to the beach itself.

I've spent a lot time here each year so if you have any questions, feel free!

And I'm really envious of the Cherry Blossom Festival - I've always wanted to go but have never made it down. Also glad to hear your car will be okay; it's good they had insurance! :)

ローラ said...

Our "base-camp" will be the place in Daytona, but I definitely intend to see other beaches! Thanks for the recommendation - we'll have to swing by New Symrna Beach too! I do remember seeing it on the map. :)

Yeah the Cherry Blossom Festival's fun. I've wanted to make it recent past years, but for whatever reason didn't end up going. Is it far for you to get to D.C.?

-phx- said...

Congrats on your upcoming 3-year! The beach sounds so nice right now, i love the beach but haven't gone for years (i don't count Puget Sound as any sort of beach..)
Also envious of the Cherry Blossom Festival. I'd been spoiled the past few years with the all the sakura trees we had on campus, but this year i moved just before they started blooming.. Boo.
Hope you enjoy your trips! :D I'd love to see pictures!