14 April 2011

hub's blog

I'm putting this out there - the hub has put in his blog for a nomination from Saveur (food related) magazine. He's excited about possibly winning and getting some recognition for his blog, as he puts a lot of effort in his culinary skills! It would be quite a feather in his cap. :) If you'd like to, please follow the information to put in your vote! Below is taken from hub's Facebook page:

"Please nominate tk1202 for 2011 best food blog awards under the category for "Best Professional Blog" by Saveur Magazine!! Thank you for taking your time and I really appreciate it!!

"SAVEUR 2011 Best Food Blog Awards - Saveur.com
GO HERE TO VOTE ---> Click
VOTE FOR THIS URL -->: http://tk1202.blogspot.com/

1 comment:

-phx- said...

Wow! He has some pretty impressive stuff on there! Definitely deserves my vote.
Good luck to him!