02 March 2012

photos: birthday

Photos of some cool presents I received for my BDay!

My SIL and MIL shipped me a present from Japan! I loved seeing the delicate and pretty packaging typical of all kinds from gifts back home.

Inside were these - a 'blouse' made of such fine delicate material, and a thin hoodie. I love the colors! It reminds me of the store Muji. :-)

And this is how they sit on me. I was so glad they fit! Japanese women have small shoulders compared to big ole' gaijin shoulders lol. I won't even talk about buying PANTS in Japan. >__>;;

And a really cute birthday card! :-D

Hub got me something I had wanted to buy for myself for Christmas originally, but was so surprised when he handed it to me for my birthday! It brings out my inner art-geek. >__> A MONSTER of an art history book "The Art Museum" by Phaidon. This thing weighs 18lbs. (8 kilograms) and is a large print book. Big beautiful photographs of art pieces and artifacts dating from the stone age up through the modern era. I love it! It doesn't exactly FIT on our bookshelf (no duh...) so for now, it's gently leaned up against the bookshelf on the floor. Hehe.

Cover and index page.

Art history goodness.

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-chai- said...

Such nice gifts from your Japanese fam! Even i thought "Muji" too, before i read your mention of it. Love that store. :)