21 March 2012

workin' 9 to 5

I've been busy with my first two weeks of my new job! Today was the half-mark of my 2nd week. About 2 more weeks to go until I'm officially an employee, not on the payroll, no perks yet - right now I'm a "contractor". Last week was a little tough, being the first and all. Lots of pressure, TONS of stuff to learn and try to memorize. My new boss-lady said that they usually end up hiring people who are "achievers" and want to know everything right now, and thus can be quite hard on themselves. WELL, it only took me until the 3rd day of work to have a bout of weepiness in the car ride back home, after a day of a few more learning-hiccups than usual. That's me - hard on herself. Why? Because I hate being the new person, and I hate having my hand held in a professional workplace at the age of 25!! Argh. That's meee. :D

So since my new schedule began, TK and I have, as expected, no days off together. It's usually me kissing a still-sleeping hub in the morning when I wake up at 6am - and MAYBE seeing him get home early before midnight - which is the LATEST I'll go to bed these days. Yessir, no more saying up till 1-2am during the week for me! Besides, I'm usually SO frickin' glad to see my bed at the end of the night these days. I definitely fall asleep faster, so far. I am NOT a morning person.

6:00am is NOT the time for Laura to be feeling like she wants breakfast. BLEH. I hate looking at food that early. I try to muscle down a little bit of cereal at least...

So now that April is nearly here, we're starting to think of moving....where to go in northern VA, what we could afford, what hub's going to DO?? What's his next job??

I haven't actually SPOKEN to him face to face since.....uhhh >__> *thinks* Monday? Something like that. :/ At least a couple days. Tomorrow is his day off, so I'll get to see him when I get home at around 7pm. Yaaay!

Have a good sleep everyone. I'll be in up in another 6 hours!

♫ "Workin' 9 to 5, What a way to make a livin'..."♪

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Judith said...

Sounds like you have some decisions to make. But it's so great that you are finally working. Let's hope these learning days will pass soon and you will feel like a pro again. Took me forever to get used to my current job. And it was a bit of the other way round. Nobody wanted me to feel pressured or confused, so they hardly gave me any tasks and I got very frustrated because I believed they thought I was stupid and couldn't handle anything. Turns out they just wanted me to take my time. They had hired a couple of people before me who just walked out saying the job was too hard. It's not. I'm sure you get there soon. It's always hard in a new job trying to fit in while working really hard.