17 July 2012

i hate sharing the pool

Sure it's the community pool, but, I hate trying to swim in peace around dozens of little snot-nosed, screaming kids with floaties and huge neon water noodles. I came back from there about 20 minutes ago - I left prematurely because I just couldn't stand it. I didn't want to leave, but I got pool water up my nose one too many times while swimming, by huge waves created by groups of kids jumping constantly. I was spending most of my time spluttering, hanging on to the wall.

Maybe I'll try going a lot later in the day, next time. Might mean less people? I hope so, since I genuinely like to swim.

Going to drive to Annapolis again, for the scheduled meeting with the tea-boutique gig. Gotta wake up early at around 6:10am.... >__< waah.

Some new crappy news is that hub and I got into another car accident yesterday. No injuries! Nothing really serious. Just frickin' inconvenience at this point. We were pulling into the gas station, and there was a car we went to go pass behind to get through. He was just sitting there -- and then when we're right behind him, he backs up. Into us. >__>

TK was driving this time which is a first (since I've been the one in the past involved in an accident). Also another first is us being in an accident together. Yay more things to share and experience together? Hub practically flew out of the car after he put it in park, and looked like he was going to throw himself at the guy. Mumbling profanities and such.

So we all exchange info, and he was pretty chill to talk to about it but at the end he was like (in his slightly surfer-type voice), "But yeah man, just, look for those tail-lights next time OK?"

UH. No.

How about you look BEHIND you, like any responsible driver would, if you're to back up ANYWHERE.


Besides we thought he was parked! There WERE no tail-lights when we started to go behind you.

Rant rant, rah rah.....

So another frickin' trip to the auto shop, get a quote, go get it fixed etc. etc.

In happier news - sprouts! Yesh'.

Our first ever batch of home-grown sprouts was finished today. And they are sooo good. I am NEVER buying sprouts from the stores again. So much cheaper to do it at home. I just have to buy whatever I'd like to sprout; leafy greens, nut, grains, etc.

Growth over 5-6 days

They grew to the shape of the cup! You can definitely see how dense it gets

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