14 July 2012

designing for tea

It's definitely a product that I am passionate about designing for! So, I have officially begun my "independent contractor-ship" for the tea retailer in Annapolis. Pretty cool, and I only have to drive the whole 72.5 miles to and from there on Wednesdays.

They have poured buckets of projects on me already - so I hit the ground running then eh? It makes sense though - I believe that they had no previous graphic designer working there. So now since they have me, and are not trying to put together designs themselves, they have tons of stuff they want to have designed. The only crappy part is of course, taxes aren't taken out of the paychecks. So I'll have to do some research about making quarterly tax payments.

I do love the fact that while I'm there, I get to drink/choose from a TON of different tea blends. So nice.

I still do the retail part-time. But it's nothing too substantial - still only 2 days a week, 5 hours each day. But hey, every bit of income counts.

I just got the "sprouter" device in the mail the other day. So I have started the first batch of clover sprouts! Let's hope it's as easy as the instructions say it is. x) I LOVE sprouts. Can't wait.

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