28 March 2009

'7 Things I Love' Project

I wasn't tagged but I saw Lulu from her 'CherryBlossomAdventures' blog do this meme! So I thought I'd take a crack at it:

7 Things I Love -

1. Takeshi.We've been married since last May, and while I never imagined I would be married so soon in my life, I am incredibly lucky to have someone who loves me for who I am, and loves me through all the hard and frustrating times we've had so far. He's the most dedicated guy I've come to know so far. Even while we were dating, we went through some frustrating times, from me leaving MD to go to college in PA, to him leaving to go work in NYC, and finally a brand new scene, here, in Japan.

2. Family and friends.I live nowhere near any of my family members or friends from the States, so I try to keep in touch with everyone as much as I can. It's hard sometimes not having anyone here in person, if I want to talk or hang out. Some people that I have considered friends have not kept in touch with me, as I would them, so I do appreciate those friends who do. Even most of my relatives in the States do not correspond with me at all. But it's not like I've been really close with any of them, ever. So I do really appreciate anybody who takes the time to chat me up on a regular basis.

3.Having a dog as a pet.I am a dog-lover, and pretty much have always had some kind of pet around in my life. Finally not being able to be with my family's dog, back in the States, makes me realize how much I love having a dog around. A dog can become your best buddy in the world, and doesn't judge you at all. They're a great companion.

4.Art.I'm majoring in graphic design. I've been drawing and doodling since I was little. This is how I can communicate feelings, and ideas. Art allows me to daydream and create different worlds, people, animals, and places. My art is an extension of me. To create art is a need.

5.Tea.I've been drinking it since about high school. I hate sugary American tea. The tea in Japan is ridiculously awesome. I love the process of brewing tea, and tea can bring to mind so many different smells and tastes. Drinking tea makes my mind wander and relaxes me. I always love trying new flavors.

6.Foreign cuisine.I am all about trying out new food, besides the food that I've grown up with in the States. There are so many new smells, tastes, and textures to be experienced. I love Indian cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Thai cuisine, and the list goes on. I've tried things that look horrific but taste wonderful, so now I try not to judge something before I've tasted it.

7.Bubble baths.I especially like them now, since Japanese bathtubs are soooo much deeper than American bathtubs! I love the feel of the bubbles on my feet and legs, and squishing them between my toes. I like hiding in bubble baths, and of course the lovely smell in the air, depending on the scent you use! Sometimes I almost fall asleep because I'm so warm and comfy!


Natalie said...

*Chews on you*

Mrr....Heyla, m'dear. How have things been on your side of the world?

Cute meme <3 Teeeeeaaaaaaa is love. The end. I think if I had to acclimate to the food so quickly like you did, I would have probably choked X3

Bubble baths...yes. Very heartily yes.


Lulu said...

Thanks for participating! Yay! I loved reading your list...

I am so jealous that you have such a talent and love for art- I wish I was more artistic but sadly even my stick figures suck! Would love to see more of your work on here.

I am growing to love tea too (hate normal tea too, love herbal stuff)- my favourite lately have hibiscus in them. Also a huge fan of green tea with lemon.