04 March 2009


まいにち, もちをたべます。おいしいです。。。<3

Gosh, I like mochi a lot! But I actually don't eat mochi everyday. That would make me gain about 10 pounds! Oh no.

I know that it's obvious to anyone at this point, but, yay for a new look for the blog! And I included a clipped image of some of my digital art as the banner! Groovy stuff.

We woke up this morning and it was raining cats and dogs outside! Yikes. Nothing better than cold, wet weather. I still had to do the laundry today, though. Our bathroom is equipped with a special fan setting that helps you to dry laundry in there on rainy, humid days. So I lugged all of the laundry into that tiny room and hung up as much as I could on the shower curtain pole (which has never had a shower curtain on it! Aha!). But fortunately, as I type, the rain has stopped and the sun has actually come out for a bit. Yay! So....I pulled all the laundry out of the bathroom and stuck it outside for now. I'd rather save some electricity, and just let mother nature dry our clothes for us instead. :)

At about the time the rain was coming to a halt, I decided to go out to the small local bakery (my favorite bakery right now) and buy a few little bread-things for Takeshi and myself! And it IS Friday today so that means that the bakery is selling their fig bread! Yum yum. The bakery is called 'Pain de Ble' and I'm not sure what it means, but I think it's funny to say. Hehe.

Thar' she be. Yummy things await.

And here are some of the things we've bought from the bakery:

This one is for TK, so I'm not sure what's in it! Hopefully he'll like it. Haha.

Bacon on the left, and cheese on the right

Potato with butter, and cheese baked into the center

My favorite. Pieces of fig baked into it with small bits of walnut

Bread at this bakery is fairly priced, with little baked treats at an average price of ¥140 to ¥180, and the small little bread "dots" are only ¥40 a piece! Today I bought a fig bread, the mystery bread for TK, and 4 of the bread dots, and the bill only came to ¥500. So that's not bad at all! They also sell small loafs of bread as well, and maybe in the future I'll try buying one instead of buying a loaf from the grocery store.


Uni said...

What's the yen to dollars conversion? is 100 yen= $2??? Oh and I'm curious and want to try the "mystery" bread, so please mail me some when you get the chance! ;) <3

PS. cool new look. I really should look into creating a blog like this too and just dump the old art portfolio site... yay for free websites!

ローラ said...

The yen to dollar to conversion (now) is about 1 U.S. dollar to 98 Japanese yen. So its pretty close!