03 March 2009

Anyone There?

Just curious - does anyone actually read my blog? On a constant basis?

If you do please, PLEASE leave a comment! Do it! O__O

I've never known, since starting this blog, if anyone actually gives a shit. :D


A new haircut. With yummy yellow lighting.


Lulu said...

I read!

And your post below answered a lot of questions that I asked you in an email I sent you five minutes ago- sorry about that! hehe

It would be tough been away from family and friends and not having anyone other than your spouse to rely on. I do hope things improve for you, or that you and your partner can find a happier medium that would suit you both.

How is your Japanese going? Maybe try the local city hall Japanese classes if they have some- usually free or cheap. There might be other foreigners...or try some volunteer work in a local kindy where you might meet Japanese teachers that are a similar age to yourself that you could become friends with.

Hope it goes well.

Anonymous said...

I read it religiously for every post. X3

I actually didn't know I could leave comments. Durrhurr, Nat.


Uni said...

I do! Every two weeks or so actually mostly cuz I wonder how things are going for you in a whole other country and it's sometimes the only way I get to see how you are doing. BTW... post more to FA ;) lol

Uni said...

*Also, regarding comments... I normally leave you one wayyyy after you've posted the article so you'll have to check back and see if you've missed any. :) I commented on the last two, I know for sure!!!

kurify said...

I do! I don't really have a Japan dedicated blog of my own (anymore) as I'm in America again, but I've been with my boyfriend Naofumi for 4 years, as I met him studying abroad while in Japan. I love reading your blog, because, who knows, might be me.:D