25 May 2009

Is Anyone Out There

I'm taking another count of people who actually read this blog. Please respond, if you do.

I have a hard time knowing how many people actually care to read this blog, because I so rarely get any comments on posts.

If I know that people read this blog, then that gives me more motivation to keep it going


tj-injapan said...

hey there, I just came across your blog recently, probably followed a comment you placed on another blog.
I haven't been blogging/ commenting much anywhere recently but just wanted to say hi, I am here, and like seeing how other married to japanese guys are living too.

tj-injapan said...

this is why I don't comment much, because I end up leaving a cryptic msg (lol)...meant to say that I like seeing how other foreign women who are married to japanese guys live too. oops

Renee said...

Hi there
I'm a lurker who has popped over from another blog...not in Japan and not married to a Japanese national but have long history with Japan so love reading your adventures and also your refreshingly bright and sunny pov on Japan :) Keep blogging - we're reading!

JapanTara said...

I just found your blog from a comment you left someone else's. I'm following you now too so keep blogging!! You can check me out too!!

Sara said...

I've been checking in every couple days!! I'm sure you have a lot more readers than you imagine :D

Keep it up!!

kurify said...

I've been reading, too, linked from some other blogs. I would say you definitely have readers. :)

Natalie said...

Meer is here <3


alg said...

Please keep the blog alive! It is so nice to read how your life is going abroad. Without the blog I would be stuck with just chatting and e-mail. Plus I'm really interested in your photographic skills and watching them grow.

Please don't stop.