04 May 2009

Wow That Was Fast...

At about 3:30pm today, a letter from the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo slipped through the door. Our application for Takeshi's greencard visa has been approved. Wow that was fast...

I called him on his break and told him about it. He was very pleased to hear it, since he's been asking me, since the beginning of May, (every night when he gets home), "Did we get any mail?"

It's getting warmer outside, which has brought out more insects and nighttime critters to life again. Since our apartment is near a big area of rice paddies, little peeper frogs have begun to fill the night with their extremely loud "peeping"! I personally like the sound of the peeper frogs, and it reminds me that summer is coming soon. Takeshi, evidently, finds the noise to be very creepy. It's not a big surprise, since I know he greatly dislikes any kind of insect, amphibian, or reptile. Who knew my hub was so squeamish when it came to those types of things. I used to have a bunch of tree frogs as pets in grade school, and I personally find frogs (and sometimes toads) to be very cute and pretty. :)

On our last grocery trip at Max Value, I decided to buy a pair of squid! It was my first time buying something "whole" from the grocery store. Obviously you can't buy whole chickens or pigs from the store, with their whole body untouched! But, I had had a lot of boiled squid dishes at Takeshi's family's house in the past, and I quite enjoyed them. I wanted to cook some squid on my own! And they were fairly cheap! I got two whole squid for about 260yen. From tip to tip, they were about as long as my forearm, and thinner than the size of a coke can, in circumference. It was a little weird, twisting off their heads and such, but after the head and de-gutting bit (the guts actually come out along with the head), it was fairly easy. The only bad thing was that after I threw the nasty bits into the food bin under the sink (the apartment doesn't have a garbage disposal), I found out about how much decaying squid STINKS to high heaven. As much as it was stinking up the whole hallway, every time I had to open the bin again to throw food out, I still had just replaced the trash bag, and I wanted to not use up another bag already. Takeshi made the decision for me though. Last night he proclaimed, "Ok - NOW we are going to throw this out - I don't care - it stinks!" Which I can't really argue with... So now we are breathing non-stinky air again. :)

One of our little squid friends

Yummy boiled squid pieces! Marinated in soy sauce for a bit, beforehand

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Natalie said...

Looks delicious. X3 Hee, I'm sad I had to miss the squid gutting...knowing me, I would have enjoyed it. Buuuuut, not the stink. D8 Heavens, no!

I love the looks of the little bears you've gotten into, they're terrifyingly cute, Laura <3

Whee! (Goes to take a test).