27 June 2009

Fast-forward Button

Takeshi's last day of work (for both jobs) is the day after tomorrow, Tuesday! Oh my...It's a very weird notion - Takeshi NOT working?? Hehe.

It will be very nice to have him here at home, everyday, for a while. And I think he definitely deserves a bit of a break from working 11-hour days, 6 days a week. The time will be filled once and a while with the stress of moving back to the States, and we'll definitely be tearing out our hair busy with figuring out major issues in PA. Finding an apartment, shipping our boxes to that address finally, him finding another job, getting a car, figuring out my college situation so I hopefully start in September, etc. etc.

I hope I don't have to wait until January to start classes, because of something in the process of getting a loan and such, going badly.

Good news - I found out that the restaurant Takeshi's family will be assembling at will be a yakiniku joint! Nice! :)

My FIL's brother and sister are coming. His brother (TK's uncle) has 3-4 kids, plus his wife will be coming - and then my FIL's sister has 1 daughter and perhaps her husband will be coming too? I was thinking, "Wow, they'd better have a huge-o table at the restaurant."

Takeshi's not sure if his sister or my MIL will be able to come, because they may be busy with school/work, but I hope they'll be able to come! The more the merrier, for a "going-away" dinner.

Yesterday I met again with the Satoh family (sans husband, as usual) and spent another hour's lesson trying to finish up the English mini-novel Nodoka had wanted me to help her read. We got pretty far, and I was hoping to finish it, but she's still got a ways to go. I don't know if yesterday was the last day I'd see them, but they sure treated the day like it was! They asked me if I am able to teach next month, and I told them I'd check with Takeshi about dates and text them.

After the lesson, which recently has been in the glamorous, luxurious surroundings of 'Lotteria', they took me to the mall nearby and wanted to take photobooth pictures! All four of us had to find a way to not have someone be shoved into the way back, so their face was a little speck in the photo. Hehe. Me, being the tallest one (but I'm only 5'4"...) had to crouch down most of the time!

Mrs. Satoh paid for a game of Mario Kart at the arcade, between me and the two other sisters. I chose Toad, Yu chose Yoshi, and Nodoka chose PacMan. Yoshi won...but I came in second! Huzzah.

Then we were treated to ice cream! It just made me kind of melancholy, while I ate my treat, that I'd never be able to find matcha-flavored anything back in the States with much luck. ^_^;;

And they bought me a present at my favorite store in the mall, KiddyLand! :) They bought me a cute (overpriced) plushie of Winnie the Pooh! I love it! He now joins the Rilakkuma plushies we own. Hehe.

Winnie and the gang

From left to right: Yu, Me, Mrs. Satoh, Nodoka

Goofiness. Only from me :)

New photobooth pictures of the happy odd-couple! ^__^


Uni said...
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Natalie said...

XD That's delightful, good luck with the loan process...it /is/ a terrible pain in the ass.
*Gasp!* Does this mean I might be able to travel out and see my dragon shortly!?! Yes! *Dances* That's fantastic, m'dear. *Hugs*

*Snort* Oh my god, those are some wonderful pictures...Grrr. XD


Sara said...

Just curious what you are going to do for Takeshi's job situation?

Does he speak a lot of English? Is he looking for work at an American company or a Japanese one based in America?

Whenever I think about moving home I wonder where Ryohei would end up working... his English isn't so great (although it would probably be ok if he was there a few months) but its one of the scariest things to consider when moving back since I think both of us would need to work.

ローラ said...

Takeshi speaks English pretty fluently! He's worked in the States before.

We'll be looking for job positions for him as soon as we're able, once we're back in the U.S.

gaijin wife said...

OMG - how young and sexy does your hub look?? Love the purikura pics.

I think this is my first drop to your blog so I might have to get another drink and have a bit of a ready.

Thankyou always for your comments though!