13 January 2010



Today I left for class - gloomy day yet again. Such crappy weather for a Friday! It is still cold outside, but today it wasn't nearly as freezing as it has been lately, and there was no wind (thank YOU, ugh). Lancaster's been plagued with blustery, icy wind lately. Brrr.

As I walked down the usual streets, I always pass the same office building where there is always the early morning group of smokers hanging around. I try to hold my breath as I pass the cigarette-clouds in the air. I also pass by dozens of business people with their suits, dress slacks, and get a heavy dose of perfume and cologne. I always pass the same small men's business-clothing store - I always peek inside as I go because a big Bernese mountain dog is always sitting inside among the clothes racks. He kind of serves as the store's mascot I believe.

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