29 January 2010


I haven't posted in a while, because of the usual growth of classwork and overall college-anxiety! I'm missing the winter break, where I could get in about 8-9 hours of sleep. I like sleep.

Schoolwork is constant, and so is the freezing weather! It's also hard to believe that I'll be graduating with my Bachelor's degree in about 3-4 months. I've been a student for so long (12 years of grade school + 4 of college) - I'm not sure if I'll transition well enough to becoming "not a student". To finally be out in the world with my degree and my skills. ;) Scary stuff.

After I graduate I still need to complete my 200 hours of an internship somewhere in the city. I'd love to broaden my scope and be able to take an internship in York or Philadelphia, but we have no car. I need a place where I can walk to (and hopefully not to the other END of the city).

One thing I'm happy about is that my idea and print-work for this year's Senior Show has been selected! It was down to 3 of us and we were asked to do multiple revisions within a short time period, but it all payed off in the end. My design for the event's postcard, 18" x 24" sandwich boards for the exterior front of the college, and a huge banner to be hung on the facade - will all be up for this year's show! It's an awesome thing to see your design up and out in "the world", not just as a class project. I have to make more revisions to my design, and also create some more print-work for the show, which in turn earns me a stipend of $200 from the college. Not a bad deal! So that's the highlight of my whole college career, for sure. :)

We just ran out of soy sauce a week ago, but we want to make a run to get it from the Vietnamese grocer in town instead of the usual Latino grocer we go to. Only crappy thing is that the Vietnamese place is farther away, and no one wants to walk or bike for long when it's 21 degrees F outside with blustery winds...I also just finished up my last packet of natto from that same grocer. I want to buy more, and yet it's still not exactly the same as when I'd have it back home in Suzuka - because we don't have any Kewpie to go with it!! That totally completes my memory of what natto is. American mayo tastes weird with it! Actually they do have Kewpie at that Vietnamese grocer, but it's overpriced (of course). :( Aww.

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