19 January 2010

Senior Thesis Fever

Today's a little warmer than it's been lately! Almost tricks me into thinking that Spring is right around the corner. Hah. I had a good three-day weekend. Takeshi and I got to spend a lot of time just being there, which is so nice since he only has Sundays off now. That is mixed with my class schedule again, which keeps me out all day (when he's still home) and drops me back off in the evening (when Takeshi has left for work already). Lately, I've been feeling extra anxious and hungry for alone-time with him - just to cuddle or whatnot. Laura has not taken well to the usual school-week schedule!

Okaasan sent us a package recently! She said she sent late birthday presents for Takeshi and early birthday presents for me. And oh my god, did she nail it on the head with what she gave Takeshi! He's been desperately needing new socks, and she gets him about 10 pairs of socks! Mother-telepathy I think. Strong gift she's got. ;)

She gave me 3 turtleneck tops from UNIQLO, all very cute. I miss that store soooo much! :( I hate it doesn't have any stores in the U.S. except for New York city. She also got me the 'highlight' present - a new purse! I swear that woman and her purse and bag fixation...The company is "PinkyGirls" - it's small, fuzzy, leopard patterned, and light pink on the inside. Sooooo GIRLY! Even though I would never buy this type of purse for myself, it is a present, and is cute in it's own way. ;)

I've continued working on the oil painting for the '213 Gallery Show' at our college, and the deadline is this Friday, but I don't think I'll be able to finish in time. With the sudden new batch of schoolwork to be done, I can't spend too much time on the painting every night, AND have it dry in time for Friday. Ah well. I kind of figured I wouldn't get it done in time. At least I can do it for myself!

My work space! The kitchen table.

Slowly but surely...

Before winter break, the last project my Senior Design Studio class did was to take on the task of creating themes for the Senior Show which is held this spring, when we all graduate. The 'client' (a.k.a. the college higher-ups) deliberated on everyone's idea for the postcard/outside banner/sandwich board and narrowed it down to 3 people in our class. I am one of the 3. :) Yay me. To have my idea, my graphics to be used to be the face of this year's Senior Show would be so great! They panel of administrators still have yet to make a decision, because they've been asking for revision after revision for all 3 of our ideas. I have to go in tomorrow super early (GROAN) and print out yet another revision to my theme, so here's hoping it will pay off!

And with that I leave you with a random photo of a stuffed, hand-puppet dragon my friend Natalie gave at Christmas. :)
Have a good week everyone.



-phx- said...

It's too bad you won't get the painting done in time, but i'm still definitely liking how it's turning out :)
And i hear you about UNIQLO! i was excited when i discovered the website, but was then quite disappointed when i realized you can't order online. Which makes no sense to me, to have the website set up so that it seems like you can order online, but you really can't! (Unless i'm just really missing something..). But i do have some of those Heat Tech pants that my boy's mum sent from Japan. :)

ローラ said...

I had the same experience with the UNIQLO site when I visited it! I am soooo disappointed that you can't order online! I would have liked that a lot. :(