26 May 2010

The loudest bike in the city

The internship has been going swimmingly. I'm glad I actually enjoy my non-paid job everyday, even though it's definitely not the environment to prep me for more fast-paced, tear-my-hair-out future work environments. I'm never the person who gets excited when the job description says something like, "Our company is fast-paced and never slows down; you'll be a pin-hair away from going insane everyday. Wanna join?"


Some lady screamed at me on my bike - MY BIKE - this morning while on my way to work. I have insanely out-of-shape breaks on my bike, that blare out horrible SQUEEKS and SQUELCHS. I was going downhill and saw the woman near the bottom, and as I got closer I started to press on the brakes more, since I didn't want to cream her from behind. She didn't hear me I guess, and I kept saying louder and louder, "Excuse me!" Nothing. So I couldn't really stop and I kept breaking in short bursts, right behind her


She finally spun around frantically at the last minute, stepped to the side, and practically bellowed at me, "GOD get OUT of the WAY!!" I probably would have been really startled by that, but I hadn't had coffee or breakfast yet, so I was still fairly blank.

My answer should have been, "Shouldn't that be my line lady?", but I sped away with a "Sorry!" instead. Take a chill pill lady. But I suppose I would pee myself if I heard that sound right behind me! Everyone else I've had to SQUEEK by is startled to a certain degree, but that's the first time I've had someone just plain flip out. It made me laugh a little! Good thing I was around the corner from her when I did.

The moving schedule is still turning it's wheels slowly, and before you know it it'll be time to jump ship and head down to the D.C. area. We're able to stay in our apartment until the end of June.

Takeshi is feeling pretty secure with his options for jobs in that area. This past Saturday he went to work for free for the day at a restuarant in downtown D.C. - they told him that they would definitely hire him if he came back to them at the end of his search. He's doing another work day at a place in Frederick tomorrow as well.

Laura on the other hand, once again, is feeling inadequate and has not been able to get anything so far. Didn't know it would be this tough. But I keep in mind the state of the current economy and the statistics of the amount of college students who can't get into a job in their field right after college. Bleh, statistics. I guess I am one now!

I keep looking though. I think my best bet is to start somewhere as an intern, get my foot in the door that way - and in the meantime have a part-time job.

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