12 May 2010

Graduation and Internship

Graduation went by fast to say the least. The week prior to it was spent coming into the college building early in the morning, to join with the other seniors to mount our senior thesises for the senior show. I'm not much of a handy-woman with tools and measuring so needless to say I got help with my boards! The two days of installation turned out to be very frustrating - somehow a lack of coordination and scheduling befell whoever had been in charge, and a majority of the time (on both days) was spent waiting around for things to happen. Lots and lots of puttering around on our designated floor and wondering what the hell people were doing, and "why are we standing out doing nothing?!"

Things that probably would take us until about 2pm to do, turned into us waiting for people to finally install temporary walls and such until about 7pm. Seniors were angry and annoyed when we finally were able to leave!

In any case, the senior show was very neat. As the displayed artist we were told we could do whatever during the show - it was ours afterall! I was surprised that a lot of the graphic designers decided to stay on our floor, and some even stood by their work the entire time. Not me. There was no way I was going to stand there and gaze out from my little corner for 3 hours. There was way too much else to see around the entire building - all of the other majors had their work up as well. Also - what if someone had come to me and had been interested in offering a position or internship? We're moving back down to the D.C. area soon, and I'd have to decline by default. My aunt and uncle were able to come, and Takeshi came of course. Nothing special afterwards, aunt and uncle went home, so Takeshi and I went home and chilled for the rest of the afternoon.

Even though on that next Monday, seniors were supposed to come and take down their pieces, I couldn't because I had already started my internship and wouldn't get out until after the college building closed. So I was able to come on my scheduled day off, Thursday. Someone had taken down my art from the wall, which was nice because then I wouldn't have to wrestle with 3 large sheets of glass (cheapo-crappily-cut glass with sharp edges) and somehow take off the temporary shelf all by myself...

Graduation day came fast after that, on Saturday. My best friend Todd came up Friday evening to stay the weekend with us. He ended up having to go to an interview on Monday in Philedelphia. It was easier for him to leave from our apartment instead of driving all the way up from Maryland in the morning.

Graduation was held at a hall on the campus of Franklin & Marshall college nearby, since our college doesn't have the means or space to hold our graduations ourselves, yet. The day was windy WINDY. So windy. I liked the skirt I was in, but wished it was sooo much longer. Todd had to hold one side of it as I walked everywhere! The ceremony went by fast, since there's only 60 of us in the senior class.


Trisha said...

Congratulations on your graduation. I hope that the internship is going well for you!

Gaijin Wife said...

Ditto - congratulations!! Great pics. Hope the internship is going well as are the post-grad decisions... ??

Have been away for a while so some catching up to do.