29 May 2010

Girl's Best Friend?

Man, I need a dog. Some little furry thing to keep me company during the day. It would probably greatly encourage me to get out of the house more often!

A little bit of frustration with college things. Today we're (seniors) are supposed to come in and take down our gallery pieces. This is one little piece to take down. Honestly most of me doesn't care about picking it up. It was the same with other projects during the semester that the professor would turn in back to us - "Here take it home." What if I don't want it?

The way it works is - I have already laid out pages in my portfolio with the exact same piece.

No interviewer wants me to drag in huge mounted pieces of work on black matte board - when I have the same exact work in my portfolio book.

So yeah, I don't really care about getting it. Don't know why I'm being so 'bleh' about it. I also haven't been able to find a good time to get my senior show banner and posters from a lady there, either. Jane's never there on the only day a week I have off right now, Thursdays. When am I gonna be able to get them?? Gah. うざい。

Last night we were both feeling blue, since I brought up an old topic up again, having to do with Takeshi's work schedule in general with the food industry. Kind of just beating a dead horse really, but, I guess I bring it up over and over again anyway, from time to time.

I always thought that once I got out, got a professional job, and brought another income to the house then Takeshi could maybe work less demanding hours or have another day off. To be able to take off some workload from him. But he was telling me that, no matter what, his schedule no matter what job he has, will more-or-less be this way.

I feel defeated about it a little. To know that there's not much that I could on my side that could make us have more time off together than we do now. Of course it always depends on the job he has.

And I can't ask him to do something else in the food industry - I'd hate myself to make him do something below what he loves to do. If he was doing something else then he wouldn't be the Takeshi I know and love. So it's a catch 22.

It's not a totally hopeless situation, and it's not like we never ever see each other. Life brings different things at different stages. We'll find a happy medium. Also, this has gotten me thinking about kids, and I told him this. Taking into account his schedule and such, how it could play out. I dunno - so much to think about that my head felt like it was going to explode last night...

On a lighter note.

Weather is getting warmer! Wow, almost feels like summer now finally. :) But now, some nights I wish we had the AC installed into the window already, but I know we'll try to go as long as we can to go without it! がんばります!

Something that makes me happy is to know that the closer we will be to D.C., the better opportunity we will have in the future to go see the cherry blossoms bloom! That would be a great thing to do on our days off together. :) With little furry puppy in tow.

Everyone enjoy their weekends!

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