23 December 2010

coming to a close

It's almost 2011! Wow, that year went fast huh?

Still been visiting with the parents. I'm a little sad to realize that by next week they'll be back on a plane to Armenia. :( They're kind of like Santa, because they come to visit me once a year, right now. Christmas Eve is this Friday, and my parents, Takeshi and I, and my brother are going out to eat dinner that day, and perhaps hang somewhere afterwards. We're having Indian cuisine at an old favorite restaurant of theirs, so it should be good eating. :)

I actually was able to finally see my brother the other day, after not seeing him in person for about 2 years. That was nice. I drove down to the Annapolis area in MD and we had lunch with my parents and then coffee. Still skinny as a rail and smoking, which we all wish he'd stop, but hey whatcha' gonna' do. I hardly see him enough to influence him. Lol.

New York City was fun, except for the part when I LOST my cell phone somewhere. Either in a taxi we had just gotten out of, OR dropped it on the street right looking to hail the taxi. Either way, I wanted to shoot myself since that iPhone had access to all 3 of my email accounts, had contact lists, etc etc. Very bad. I changed almost all of my passwords for my emails, and other sites, deleted some things. I did all I could do at this point. My parents were very nice to me and bought me a new iPhone. I am making it a law unto myself not to put anything on this new iPhone that could get me in hot water IF I ever lose this one too. This whole event almost makes me want to change back to just a regular phone. The only thing you have on there are phone numbers.

Takeshi asked me the other day if I'm thinking of what my New Year's resolution will be. I hadn't thought of it at all. I know he'll definitely make some. Maybe the only 2 major goals I have for the new year is to 1.) Get a full-time job (if not a full-time graphic design job) and 2.) to get a dog.

They're calling for snow this Sunday and Monday! Granted it won't be on Xmas Day but it's still sort-of a white Xmas. :D Haven't had one of those personally, since I was in high school!

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