10 December 2010

parents, computer, NYC

God who even reads this blog anymore? Lol. Who knows. Sorry for no pretty pictures for people to look at this time...

I've been away for a bit again, because my parents arrived on the 2nd for their visit-the-States trip. I've been speeding around the area with them for the most part, while working on the weekdays as usual. Just before they arrived, I had a mishap with my laptop.

Takeshi ended up spilling (my mug of) chamomile tea over my keyboard....it was placed in a crappy spot for sure. And it was an accident but he didn't ever really say sorry. But I guess I didn't feel hurt cuz' we'd have to spend our money anyway to fix it - and maybe because it wasn't as bad as when he ended spilling hot milk/coffee into the BACK of his laptop.

But it did fuck up my laptop in the end. I tried soaking up the tea as much as I could and wiped it down, but it got into the keyboard of course, and several keys promptly would not work after that. Certain keys that I need to spell out my username and password to even LOG IN to my laptop. Not good.

I just got it back today. Took to a small place 20 mins. away to replace the keyboard and it seems fine for now, but no one can really know exactly how much water damage was done to the inside. Only time will tell - and maybe it'll just crap out and die on me one day in the future. Bleh.

Parents and I are leaving for a small trip to NYC on Monday. Will be staying there until Thursday. Should be fun but I feel guilty and sad that Takeshi can't come with us. He luckily has off for 4-5 days on X-mas week anyway.

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Gay Gardener said...

I still read your blog! :) Hooray for a fixed laptop! We should all hang out one day Christmas week! We could do a small dinner together perhaps! I can bring a dish!