30 December 2010

new year's plans

Plans for New Year's Eve tomorrow night? My best friend Todd is coming over from Maryland after work, and after we pick up Takeshi from work (at like, 2am if he's lucky...), we'll have something to munch on with drinkies most likely. :) It does suck every single year that Takeshi's job does not allow him to EVER have New Year's Eve off, and furthermore, to be able to be out BEFORE midnight of the new year. It happened last year too of course, and the year before, but from what he's been telling me, this time it might be so damned busy at the restaurant that they may get out very very late. Whoopdee doo.

It's supposed to be a little warmer for a change tomorrow, in the 50s I heard on the radio. No dog walking tomorrow, since all the clients are home with their dogs. I still need the car though, since I have an interview in D.C. next week and I need to go print some updated pages of my portfolio. I hope I can get better quality pages than when I went to the Staples down the road. They looked like shit, with visible printer lines running down every image on the page. Hopefully Office Depot can do better.

Parents have up and left again back home, overseas. See you next year mum and dad! Thank goodness for Skype eh? I definitely liked eating out a lot while they were here! I know I have no shame. Usually we don't eat out that much!

I guess this will be the last post I make before the new year is here, so everyone please have a fun and safe new year's! 2011 here we come. Some recent photos to leave you with!

walking towards Ford's Landing Park in Alexandria while at "work"

at the start of the park looking over the water



Judith said...

Happy New Year! Good luck with the printing and job interview. Will keep my fingers crossed for you.

ローラ said...

Happy New Year!! Thanks for the good luck. :) I hope it turns out well! I need a better income. lol.

gaijinwife said...

Beautiful pics!
I hope New Year's was OK and that T got out at not heinous a time and wasn't too tired enough to have drinkies to welcome in the New Year.
Happy New Year Laura. I hope it is full of joy and laughter and the perfect job. Good luck for the interview.

ローラ said...

Hey GW!
I'll give a short summary of my New Year's night I'm guessing, here in a couple days. I hope your New Year's was fun and eventful. <3

Thanks very much for the well-wishes. I hope this year finds me with a full-time job! It would be nice, finally. ;)