30 January 2011

pizza, car brakes, snow

So we had our first big dose of snowfall so far this winter in northern VA. For this past Wednesday they were calling for snow to accumulate in the afternoon/evening hours and boy did we get it. Enough to throw everyone into a panic anyway, of course. I was walking dogs that same day and it was cold cold cold. Mostly the wind that makes it seem 15 degrees colder.

spray paint? on a building under construction

choppy cold waters

Takeshi was home that day as well. The past week before that, I had called the local Hyundai dealership to schedule a day to fix our extremely squeaky brakes. Wouldn't cha' know it, it was the day we were supposed to get all of this snow! But we headed out anyway after I got home from dog-walking. It had started to flurry a little bit as we made our way to the place. Once we got there the dude behind that counter says, "Um, we don't have you scheduled for today at all. Maybe you called the dealership in Fairfax?" What?? No, I know I called the right number, but whatever it didn't mean anything now. Fortunately, he was able to pencil us in still on short notice. Yaay! So we ended up sitting around and drinking free Starbucks machine coffee in their waiting area, for about 2 hours in total before heading out finally. While we were there it SNOWED. And the streets and street signs were almost unrecognizable.

while we were waiting...uh oh

We had the commute back from hell pretty much after that. What should have taken us about 25 minutes to get home, it took 2 hours. That's what all the radio/weather stations had ended up calling the evening, "the commute from hell", since the snow started right before rush hour, making travel unbearably slow for thousands and thousands of people across the D.C. metro area, Virginia, and Maryland. Reports of thousands of people just abandoning their cars. I know we didn't get 2 feet or anything and people who live in snowier areas may be scoffing at me right now, but it still sends everyone around here into chaos, and it's still annoying to deal with!

day after the snow, walking on Old Town streets

Onto warmer things like....pizza! :) Lately Takeshi and I have been very fond of seeking out places that serve Neapolitan pizza. That's Takeshi favorite type of pizza and I'm just happy eating pizza anyway! Heh. After we've been to a new place, we usually rate them and compare them to the other places we've been to. And also - I've started to really like...olives. I've ALWAYS hated olives since I was little. My mum is the olive lover - I'd always give them to her to eat instead! But at one pizza place, they serve a little complimentary dish of olives, lightly covered in olive oil before your meal. And I decided to try for kicks - and I really liked them. I couldn't believe I'd ever say that, but I did! Maybe I just never had a good olive before now. Is there anything you guys hated (or liked) when you were little, that you feel differently about now?

"2 Amys" in D.C. near Georgetown/TK having a coffee :)

interior shots


-phx- said...

When i was little i didn't like tomatoes or mustard. i've loved tomatoes for a while now though, and i'm slowly starting to like mustard (mainly dijon and honey mustard, but only in small amounts). i've always hated olives too, and still haven't been able to acquire a taste for them. :p

Judith said...

I used to hate brussel sprouts when I was little. Now I cannot get enough of them, especially in winter. Throw on some butter and bread crumbs, yummy!

gaijinwife said...

Olives and mushrooms - love both now! That german shepard you walk is just adorable!