08 July 2011

job, funeral, misc.

I'll be doing a post after this about our visit last weekend with my cousin Matt and his wife! Now, onto some updates...

Takeshi ended up seeing his friend from college yesterday, it turned out, instead of Monday. I dropped him off a the metro and he spent a good few hours chatting at a restaurant before heading back to Alexandria. I'm glad they got to catch up.

Recently, to make a long story short, my grandfather (my dad's dad) had a bad accident at the retirement home they leave in. Ended up falling out of bed, tried to get up, gashed his head on the night-stand, and broke a vertebrae in his neck. Not good. And the real strange thing is that the DAY this happened, I ended up calling them to say hi and chat. It was a shock to hear my grandmother tell me that it had happened THAT morning...After that, in the hospital, he contracted pneumonia for a while, and became even more delusional than he already had become at the age of 95. So now, we have received word from my dad's sister (who has been with him this whole time during the ordeal, and who located the closest), that he is circling the drain pretty much, and will probably pass soon. Maybe next week. It's hard to determine these sort of things. I feel really concerned for my grandmother, since they have been married for 69 years! But dad's sister tells us that from what she has seen, grandma is holding up OK considering the situation. Dad and mum are coming back next week, and it's terrible irony that this had to happen now. There will probably be a funeral in the near future, but I'm not sure where. They may hold it in Maryland where they live now, or perhaps Pennsylvania because most of our relatives live there, and I'm sure they'd want to attend. I am not religious in any sense, and do not see myself sitting in church, but I am considering going to the funeral. I'll need to buy "funeral" clothes, as I've never been to one. I feel sad to see Pop leave, since he's the only grandfather I've ever had. My mother's parents died when I was very little, and my brother may not have even been born yet. More on this, as we go. We'll see how it unfolds.

I've always been looking for a better (full-time graphic design) job. But now, seeing as we are (still) not able to actually SAVE any money, I've been renewing and energizing my search for any jobs in the area that could give me full-time and good enough pay. I'll still look for graphic design jobs in the meantime, but I need to help us save money right now, or we'll never be able to buy a house, get a dog, have a kid, or anything else we'd want to do in the future.

I'm waiting for this summer weather. to. END. Being a dog walker, you have to go outside in all kinds of weather, and I agreed to that because I knew the job. But this humidity right now is unbearable. I'm usually sweating like a pig for most of the day. Yuck! And then dogs lick you and you feel even more sticky, and then their fur gets on you. I love taking showers even more these days! ;)

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