25 July 2011


It's not hard to do in the apartment building we live in. As I type this, I am still listening to a pair of gangster dudes outside sitting on the stairs, about who's shagging who around here, and who they'd like to shag. Who knows how long they'll be there...

I'm tired of feeling like I'm not living in my own space, but rather living in a mess hall. Where you can hear conversations you'd rather not listen to. The stairwell outside is very echo-y, so it makes loud people even louder. I daydream about using an air horn on them when they're unaware, or throwing out a stink-bomb on them (but that would just leak into everyone's apartments anyway).

Yesterday, hub and I went to a Walmart because he needed to get some brand of black work shoes they carry. We were going through the aisles, and had to squeeze by a group black teenage girls who were just dicking around.

He went through first - and I came through second - just in time to hear one of the girls say,

"Excuuuse me - 'Knock you over with your cart. Ching-chong-ning..."

Which is an obvious racist-Asian noise/name whatever that people say. I WANTED to turn around and say something really nasty back to her, because she's an idiot, but in the end, I really didn't want to start anything. I don't have as much moxy as Corinne does. ;-)

I've always said that we don't live in the most educated area - and Walmarts (no matter where they are) attract and collect all the low IQ people into one store. I've never been in a store in which I've seen SO many public outbursts, fights, or racist comments made. Bleh.


In other news, the parents have been here for about a week now. They're spending a lot of time shopping, stocking up on things for the next country they'll be moving to soon, so I've been tagging along. Takeshi had off yesterday, so the four of us had dinner at an Indian restaurant. Delicious stuff!

Here are some photos! The ones at the end are the photos from when we went to visit my cousin and his wife, and ended up going to a nearby park/marsh.

Me and my college friend's 3-month old. :) Can you tell I'm not used to holding a baby?

because he's my hub :)

A HUGE Asian food mart we found ("HMart") and checked out the other day

their pug Wesley! We love him

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-phx- said...

Ugh, those girls at Walmart. I've always tried to avoid Walmarts because of the people it attracts. Although, i do enjoy looking at peopleofwalmart.com Hilarious stuff! xD