15 July 2011

that's it, i'm movin' to south dakota

I only say that because (and I'm not serious by the way), I looked up the unemployment percentage rates of all the states in the U.S. and South Dakota is at the top of the list, with the lowest percentage of 3.2%.

As opposed to D.C......which is sitting pretty with a whopping 9.8%. Damn. No wonder I've had a hard time with getting a job in the D.C. metro area. Even Pennsylvania (which we were living in before Virginia) has a better percentage than that. But I can't see us living in PA again, unless one or both of us get a sweet job offering.

Speaking of the job search:

The other day I spoke to an old college friend of mine from Silver Spring, MD who works for a souvenir company, and told me about a possible opening for an Illustrator/Designer. So I sent them my resume, portfolio, the whole lot, and they told me they were impressed. So silly me I start to get my hopes up. Turns out in the end that, they, "thought I have real talent that shows in my portfolio" but ended up not taking me because of distance between here and Rockville, MD, and my lack of work experience. To which I wrote back and said (in a polite manner), how am I supposed to start somewhere and GAIN work experience in the design industry when everyone wants me to have 3-5 years experience already? She surprisingly wrote me back, to say that she understand my frustration. Ok... T__T whateve'.

So it didn't work out. I shouldn't have gotten so worked up about it, but you can't but put a little of yourself into every resume you send out. I TRY to stay emotionally neutral these days, but it's hard sometimes to keep it up.

I got the "declined" email back from them while I was out dog-walking. I couldn't help it, and I got very weepy. The dog was probably wondering what the hell was wrong with me! Walking around with my sunglasses on, with big tears streaking down my blotchy face. I felt really defeated (once again). While I was driving to the next dog's house (with big crocodile tears in my eyes), the next song on the radio, when I turned it on was titled, "Good Life". Ironic.

Sooooooo, actually yesterday I got 2 - count em' - 2 calls for interviews. One is for a retail job (cuz I'm looking for any full time work now as well as design work), tomorrow. The other one is actually from a design firm in Old Town! I was SO surprised they called me. And I'll be going to that on Tuesday. Fingers crossed. But you never know. As always. :/


Judith said...

Best of luck with both of them. Though really hoping you get the design one. Fingers crossed!

kristin said...

I'm crossing all of my appendages in good luck for you! I know how you feel and it's all you can do to remain positive. I know something has to give soon and then it'll be amazing.