27 August 2011

tropical storm and me

First of all, I'd really like to thank GaijinWife for recently sending us some goodies in the mail from back home! :) Everything has already been dug in to believe me, because it's all delicious. Hehe. And I finally got the two green ceramic bowls I'd been wanting from her. They've already been used for things that aren't tea. Lol. Perhaps their tea-holding days will come soon.


So anyway, it's just me and the dark, rainy weather today. I was hoping Takeshi's restaurant would close today or something. Though I'm sure I'll have fun driving in this same weather, to get him tonight! Waah. ;__;

Oh! - I know what will pass the time!

Thank you Katy!! Oh Chocochip what can't you make better? <3

This morning on the way back from dropping him off, the rain hadn't started just yet, just ominous clouds. Just as I got home it started and won't stop until tomorrow afternoon-ish they say? Just hoping the power doesn't go out today or tomorrow. The lights have been flickering a little! I was being lazy today and hadn't taken a shower yet, and thought I'd just wait. But then I decided to take it a few minutes ago, because they keep saying things on the news like, "Well if you're water goes out blah blah."

This is me in the shower:

(taking shower at normal leisurely pace) scrub....scrub....scrub

(big light flicker)

............SCRUB.SCRUB.SCRUB >____>;;;

Now I'm all squeaky clean. Yay! And the lights are still on for now.

A few days ago when Takeshi was still taking off from work, we decided wake up a little early and to go to the farmer's market in Dupont Circle in DC. Takeshi says that it's one of the largest farmer's markets in the area? Something like that. It was humid and hot outside that morning which was gross, but the market itself didn't disappoint. It was very large compared to the ones we've been to the in the past, and in the end we bought a lot of good produce. I decided to buy a small canary melon, which I had never tried before. It's pretty good, I like it. A very light, sweet melon. We didn't buy anything really perishable like dairy or meat, because we had to ride the metro home after that.

patterns/textures of the marketplace

our haul :)

And now for some miscellaneous pics and a vid. :)
Have a good weekend everyone.

the hub at Starbucks

GaijinWife squid! with a drinkie :) once the hub opened the squid, it didn't last the night.

Ralph doing his 'dead poodle' trick!


gaijinwife said...

Glad hub wolfed down the squid. Much more fun than rationing it out! Will your area be affected by Hurricane Irene? Hope you don't lose power or water, and have a few things stocked away in the cupboards!

ローラ said...

We did get affected by it, but definitely not as bad as other areas! It started raining at 10am this morning and just now stopped at around 1am. And now there's big gusts of wind. The lights continue to flicker a lot.

Gah! >_< FIngers crossed.

mei said...

Love farmer's markets! Those are some beautiful pics of the produce. :) And are those eggplants in the picture of the stuff you bought? The purple and white marbled things? I'm assuming they are but i've never seen eggplants colored like that before!

ローラ said...

Yup they are eggplants. :) The seller at the market called them "graffiti" eggplants. I read that they're also called "Sicilian" or "Zebra" eggplants. They're very cool lookin', huh?