17 August 2011

wordless wednesday

This past weekend we had a visitor! :) A client needed me to dog-sit their Beagle-mix, May.

My recent attempt to make tatsukuri! I think I succeeded on the taste of it, but the "mixture" ended being a little too stiff. Next time I'll cook the liquid combination for a little less (soy, mirin, sugar).

a good bounty from the local HMart :)


gaijinwife said...

that dog is adorable. Bet that wasn't a hard gesture of kindness at all. Your house is immaculate!! Box on its way to you as I type.

ローラ said...

The dog was very cute and very friendly, though it took her a day to get used to Takeshi, after he tromped in that night from work. She hadn't met him yet, so she proceeded to bark at him, and run away when he tried to pet her! He was kind of pissed from the barking (and hurt, I think because he likes little dogs).

Also the little shit peed on our couch while she was sleeping!! >:( That wasn't fun to try to scrub out.

Our house is mostly immaculate right now because we don't have ANY more room for new furniture, etc. We'd like to get more shelves. We don't have a lot of surface space for all of our "little/loose" items so we keep them crammed in closets for now. ;)

I'll be shipping your box out first thing on Monday! (the 22nd)