05 August 2011

moving on

So hub and I have been talking recently for the past month-ish about moving on.

Moving on from his current job, and moving to wherever the next job opportunity takes us. Or should I say HIS next job opportunity. Because I am still, as I always have been, the weakest link, the dead weight.

Oh yes! maybe I can move to another great big city and get hired by a bigger and better dog-walking business.....shoot me now. I know Takeshi has been saying to me that he wants both of us to move to any place based on the fact that we'll both get hired there. But sadly, it's still a matter of ONLY him, leading us, supporting us, having a guaranteed job. In over a year, I haven't had any luck in this area, and right now, for weeks, I've been applying to places all over the country, and yet again have not heard a word from anyone.

Somedays I really do start to resent my major in Graphic Design...Maybe if I had gone into another field, I wouldn't have all of this grief. It's true that many other industries are taking a dive in job openings right now, but still, maybe I would be better off financially if I had chosen another career path. But at the same time, no one really knew how bad the economy would be around this time, and how long it's still been declining for.

Hub told the head chef today about his plans to leave the restaurant around the end of this month, and had told the executive chef a few days before. And he's been met with well-wishes and support. People will miss him for sure. He's definitely a hard worker and gains respect wherever he works.

I got jealous of him, when he was telling me these things in the car last night.

I don't have a "team" at my job.

In this type of job I don't every talk to my "fellow employees". I work alone every day. I don't talk to anyone. Hell, I've never really met any of them in person. No one's going to miss me when I leave this job. Dogs may miss me for all of about 3 minutes. I'll probably miss them more, because then I won't even be able to spend time with other people's dogs when I'm still pining away for a dog of my own.


Mum and Dad left a few days ago. They'll be back in January they say. They're usual month-ish long stay before they fly straight to their new country, Jorden for 3 years. Not really soothing my nerves at all, knowing what kind of area of the world they'll call home. Why couldn't they have had the option of going to the embassy in Barbados? ;-)

Since we're doing the whole moving scene again, there's a high chance we could be in another state when they come back! I wonder if they'll be able to even visit us then, since it would be out of their way. They usually have always stayed in the D.C. metro area, since it's what they know.

Mum and Dad with their old friend Darlene (far left in white), who we met at lunch one day

This is where I get my weirdness from :)


Takeshi and I finally got to go eat at Restaurant Eve (where he works!) a few weeks ago. The day before that I actually ended up buying a a one-piece dress that I got to wear at dinner, since it is a fine-dining establishment. ;) I felt very feminine indeed, since it's the only dress I've ever owned, other than the godawful thing I wore for one night only, to high school prom. We arrived for our 7pm reservation, and stayed untilllllll abouuutt 11pm!!! We got a 9-course tasting menu, and then got a drink at their bar - so those types of things take a while. =__= All in all, a delicious meal at Eve.

Oh my such awesome deserts


I apologize for having to look at that damned white line in all of my photos lately. I need to take in my iPhone to the Apple Store and have them fix it. I think it's a case of a dead pixel...

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